3 mistakes to avoid when moving musical instruments

Whether you are a professional musician or if music is your hobby, you will need to transport your musical instruments to your new place when thinking of moving. For some people, music is their passion, for others, it is an escape from problems and daily life pressure. Therefore, moving musical instruments is a must when you love them. But, the question is how to safely move a piano, guitar, drums, and other musical instruments? Fortunately, in this article, you can find some useful tips on how to do it properly. Moreover, you will find out about the mistakes you should avoid when moving your instruments.

Try to find dependable movers for moving musical instruments 

Firstly, this is the main step you got to take. Getting in touch with Slattery moving and storage is a must. It is nearly impossible to move your instruments all by yourself. Therefore, you will need a moving company that you can rely on. And to be sure that the chosen company is secured and licensed, don’t forget to check these important facts:

Planning on moving musical instruments
When moving musical instruments just hire professionals and your head will find peace
  • Make sure they have good feedback from previous clients. If the past clients are satisfied then be sure that’s a good sign.
  • Check if the movers are trained for this type of move. You don’t want to end up with damaged instruments.
  • Insurance and license are a must. Try not to hire a moving company that is not secure. 
  • Book the right movers as soon as you can, especially if you have a concert. Notify them, because some instruments are sensitive to temperatures, so think about it in advance and plan carefully.

It would be great if you find a storage unit for your musical instruments

During the whole process of your relocation, perhaps you will need storage too. At least until you find a music studio or a house. That shouldn’t be a big problem because fine art movers Rockland County NY have it all. The storage units may be temporary or permanent. If you don’t want to play your instruments right now, store them in a safe place. Renting a storage unit is a great idea. Because you can’t walk around with your instruments while you’re looking for a new house or new music studio.

One of the mistakes people do is not hiring professional movers to help them out

The first mistake that people tend to obtain is not hiring movers and packers for their instruments. For instance, hiring piano movers Rockland County NY to move your instruments is a much safer way to move them instead of doing it yourself. Professionals who do this have a lot of experience and it will always be much safer during transportation. Even if you think you can safely pack or transport your belongings, your best choice is to hire someone with experience. 

A moving boxes
Make sure that you hired secured movers to help you pack your instruments properly

The other mistake that may appear is not providing enough time to pack your instruments

Firstly, the most common issue is that people usually forget how fragile instruments are. More importantly, they think that their instruments will be fine even without protection. If playing music is what you do for a living, sure you need to devote time to protect them when moving. The sooner you start packing your items, the better protection you will provide to them. Therefore, instead of waiting a few days before the move to pack, start as soon as possible. If you need some instruments in the meantime, leave them for later. The ones you will not use can be packed instantly. 

People’s mistakes when moving musical instruments overseas is thinking there is enough time

People who are moving instruments overseas without proper protection often end up under high levels of stress. Your moving day will come sooner than you expect it. Especially when you have a ton of obligations to do and things to pack and prepare. Therefore, tend to avoid postponing the process of packing your instruments. Nevertheless, in most cases instruments require attention and focus when being packed. Especially when you are flying with instruments. As these items are delicate and their condition plays a big part in how they sound, your items need proper protection for the road. This means setting aside enough time to carefully pack everything and fill in the spaces in between the items. Moreover, for much-protected ways of packing, feel free to get in touch with Haverstraw movers and let them help you out.

A musical instruments, violin, and piano
Try to bypass any possible mistake that may come on your way by following this advice

Don’t be one of those people who forget to disassemble their instruments

As mentioned above, when planning the move with your instruments, make sure they don’t endure any damage during the transportation. To make them protected, you will need to disassemble most of them. Instead of choosing to pack them as a whole, set apart all of the instruments that can be disassembled. This will assure the safety of the instruments you’re planning to move. More importantly, this will allow you to use more environmental-friendly packaging as you will pack lesser parts of the instrument. Make sure you let loose the strings to avoid them snapping when traveling. In case you need to move a piano, make sure to read in detail about how to move a piano up stairs or down.

Take the moving process thoughtfully as the moving day will arrive fast

Proper preparation will not only help you avoid financial tolls, but it will also help you avoid stress. Moving musical instruments doesn’t have to be difficult. The key is to find a good moving company with experience. And of course, moving can be so stressful life event if you’re all alone in the whole process. But you won’t be, because you read this smart article and find out about possible mistakes that may appear on the road. And surely, you’ll avoid them by making a plan or checklist and you will not forget anything. 





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