3 reasons to enjoy Rockland County

We can easily say that life in Rockland County is definitely one of the best. Once you move there, you will see for yourself. However, it’s not enough to say just that. We would like to introduce you to something completely new and interesting. Moreover, we encourage you to get in touch with our movers Rockland County NY to experience a completely stress-free relocation. Anyway, if you’re here to learn about the reasons to enjoy Rockland County, you came to the right place.

Moving to Rockland County – what to expect?

First of all, if you have a chance to move to Rockland County, you’re in for a good ride. Depending on where you’re coming from, you will settle in one of the best places in all of the US. A good thing about this county is the fact that it’s relatively close to New York City but it doesn’t follow the standard that much. That means you will be able to live a decent life without spending loads of money. Moreover, it’s an excellent place to raise your family without any pressure. And, if you want to stir your life a little, NYC is close by.

Girl browsing the web
Look things up and see what you can expect from life in Rockland County.

Also, you should know that Rockland County has some amazing places to live in. To be more precise, its cities are amazing places to live in. Let us name just some of them:

  • Suffern
  • Nanuet
  • New City
  • South Nyack
  • Upper Nyack

Can you and how can you enjoy Rockland County?

Firstly, we should tell you something about all the things you can do once you move there. But, let’s see first what can you expect in general once you move there. And, to move there, you could use help from our household movers NY. They will definitely help you out a lot. Now, you should know that schools, as well as housing, are great there. However, the cost of living is quite high. It’s not as high as it is in New York City for example, but it is tricky. Commute can be difficult at times because a lot of people work in NYC and the traffic can get congested.

If you want to move with ease, you need to prepare well and on time. Therefore, you should look for ways to make your relocation easier. Here is what you should do:

  • Plan everything ahead – This is the first part of every moving process. You should think about everything before you start acting. Write things down and act according to that.
  • Book your movers on time – It’s really important to communicate with your movers on time. Schedule your relocation early. That way you will get a better deal for yourself.
  • Declutter your home – You should clean your house and get rid of everything you feel you don’t need. That is how you will make your relocation cheaper.
  • Pack room by room – A great way to get things done in a certain order is to pack methodically. This is the best representation of it.
  • Visit Rockland County – You should visit not only your county but the city you’re moving to. That way you can prepare for it in advance.

Let’s dig into the reasons to enjoy Rockland County

There are many reasons to love Rockland County but we will have to name just the 3 of them. Before we do that, you should know that if you need help moving some bulky items such as a piano, our piano movers Rockland County NY can step in and help you in no time. On the other hand, we would like to name a few places that make Rockland County a popular place to visit. For instance:

  • Bear Mountain State Park
  • Harriman State Park
  • Rockland Lake State Park
  • Nyack Beach State Park
Girl drinking coffee in the woods
There are many activities to enjoy in Rockland County.

You should know that Rockland County is easily accessible either by car, train or plane. Therefore, you are able to choose your method of transportation based on where you’re coming from. It would be good to mention storage Rockland County NY. If you need a place to store your belongings, we have a perfect spot for that. Besides this, we should tell you our 3 reasons to enjoy Rockland County. You will see it once you move there as well. Here are our reasons:

  1. It’s great for families
  2. There are many outdoor activities
  3. The education system is great

Great for families

This is the first of 3 reasons to enjoy Rockland County. In case you’re moving there with your family, you will definitely love it. You will be glad to hear that the crime rates are low which can help you sleep better at night. Your kids will be safe and will get a great education. Moreover, they will meet a bunch of new peers that come from diverse yet respected families.

Many outdoor activities

As we already said, there are many places to visit thus many activities to take on. If you’re the adventurous type, you will enjoy spending time in nature. Rockland County is famous for it. Moreover, you will be glad to know that you will never be bored visiting these places over and over again.

The education system is great

Whether you’d want your kids to attend public or private schools, there is a vast choice. Moreover, the schools are great and your children will receive excellent knowledge. There are 64 public and 57 private schools total in all of Rockland County. That is a lot!

Family having a picnic
You and your family will love living here!

Settle in and enjoy life in Rockland County

Finally, we listed the reasons to enjoy Rockland County. Moreover, we listed just some of the places you can visit after you start living in Rockland County. You will see that there is so much more to that place than what’s written on the paper. Once you go and see the place for yourself, you will know. Anyway, good luck with it and make sure to contact us if you need anything from us!




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