3 things to remember when renting a storage unit

During your lifetime, you buy and collect things that you need and love. At some point in life, you end up with an untidy mess composed of all the things you don’t need as regularly as before or don’t need at all. Their disposal is the last thing to occur to you as you are still bound to them emotionally. With such a mess in your home, you will surely have difficulty finding what you need in a reasonable amount of time. As a result, it can give you a lot of aches and you will feel stressed. So, in such a case, renting a storage unite will make you feel an incredible sense of relief. And consequently, you will enjoy a clutter-free home. This short blog contains essential things you need to remember when renting a storage unit.

mess in a room
Messy space can increase your stress level.

On the other hand, you may also need to rent a storage unit if you are planning a move to a different location. This is a very common practice as the majority of people want to get rid of some things when moving in. Relocating to a new destination is a complex process since it requires a lot of planning and is very tiring and time-consuming. That being the case, having someone by your side that is keen to help is priceless. It can be anyone, your relatives, good friends, or some neighbors. Yet, it is always advisable to seek a helping hand from someone who is a trusted moving expert providing a variety of services tailored to your needs. So don’t hesitate to give Slattery Moving & Storage an instant call.

When doing a relocation, there are dozen of things you need to take care of. And for that reason, you can easily overlook some important things. That’s why we’re bringing you a list of 3 things to remember when renting a storage unit.

Read the contract with eyes wide open

When renting a storage unit, it’s really important to make sure you get an in-depth explanation of everything. By asking whatever you may find a bit unclear, you prevent any bad situations from ruining your relocation.

Give yourself enough time to read the contract thoroughly. And don’t be too lazy to read it several times if needed before signing on the line. The contract can provide you with some valuable information, such as:

  • a minimum lease length
  • the exact monthly costs
  • for how long monthly costs remain the same
  • different details on security and access, etc.

    man shaking hands
    Understanding what you’re signing is crucial.

If you find anything unclear while reading the contract, remember to ask for further explanation. Furthermore, don’t be too reserved to ask your mover to make a better offer for you. Ask for any discount! That’s the cash you pay with, in the end.

Find storage unite that fits perfectly

A storage unit is what’s this all about. Finding a good one can be a challenging task. So, the best way to find one is to directly contact moving companies in your area of residence. In case that you have never moved before, you probably don’t know where to rent a good storage unit and which movers to contact. If you are an NYC resident, you don’t want to miss a chance to get an on-time & high-quality service provided by Storage Naunet NY. So, let’s list what you really need to remember when renting a storage unit.

The exact location and accessibility

When you’re planning to declutter or move, it’s very important to know how a storage unit location will influence your everyday life. Also, it is important to plan how frequently you will need to visit your storage unit. If you move some everyday items to a unit, you want to consider renting a unit near you or within the city center. On the other hand, if you don’t need to visit it very frequently, you can rent storage far away from the city center. It’s quite important to ask yourself this question as this has a direct impact on the total monthly costs you will need to pay. A storage unit located n the city center can cost you much more than those outside the city. So why not save some money?

Accessibility is another key factor. Ask about the operating hours of a unit so you can know when you can access your items. It is advisable to rent a storage that works 24/7/356 just to be sure you can take in or take out things whenever you want to.

The things you plan to store

To be able to choose a perfect storage unit for yourself, you have to know what kind of your belongings will go there. It is useful to make a list of things you want to put in a storage which will help you choose the right unit size. You don’t want to pay extra money for space you don’t actually need. Keep in mind that things you store there may need special environmental conditions. For example, if you store some electronic devices or some wooden furniture, you want a unit with a controlled climate. In a controlled climate storage units like Storage Rockland County NY, parameters like temperature and humidity are constantly monitored. As a result, you will avoid any kind of humidity-induced damages or formating of mold and spread of bacteria.

security cameras
Storage security should be a priority!

Regardless of what kind of belongings you intend to store, consider renting a unit with surveillance cameras, security guards, and motion-detected lights. This will reduce the chances of unauthorized access to the minimum. Having securely stored items may be the most important thing when choosing the best storage unit. It could lead to emotional shock if you find out a burglar steals your belongings of sentimental value. For you to be sure your items are safe, feel free to reach us at Slattery Moving & Storage for Rockland County Moving Services.

Give yourself time

You know that relocation doesn’t happen overnight. It is a long and complex process and that’s why you need to give yourself enough time for everything involved in the process. It’s important to start on time to avoid last-minute panics. The more time you have, the better outcomes will be. You will be more motivated to work when you know you haven’t got tons of work to do in a short period of time.





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