Best places in NY for nature lovers

There is something special about nature. You learn to appreciate it the less you are surrounded by it. It’s a vicious circle that unfortunately seems to hit more and more people on a daily basis. People don’t realize that it’s getting harder to maintain a healthy environment due to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, some cities are still trying to nurture their nature and do their best to keep it green and healthy. Anyway, we will do our best to name you some of the best places in NY for nature lovers. Stay with moving companies New York to learn more.

Learn all about the best places in NY

First of all, we need to say something about this state in order to speak about its beautiful places. Since you’re just about to move there, it would be good to say it’s a medium-sized state located on the northeast coast of the US. Moreover, the capital is New York City that is the most famous and one of the largest metropolises in the world. Also, the state counts 20 million residents which is not a small number. It’s funny that people frequently forget that New York is the state and usually think of New York City when mentioning it. These two need to be distinguished because one is the state and another one is in the city.

Forest with sun coming through the trees
We all need nature in our life.

Let’s move on from this geography class and tell more about life in New York. Believe it or not, this is the fourth most populated country in the USA. That’s because a lot of foreigners are moving to metropolises such as New York City. You will probably love the fact that this state experiences all four seasons equally. That’s another reason why its nature is that developed. Therefore, if you plan on moving anytime soon, make sure you get in touch with our household movers NY to book your relocation on time.

How to prepare for your life in New York?

Now, let’s see some pros and cons of living in New York in order to determine if this is the state for you:

  • It’s the best place to live in if you’re a fan of adventure, art, and culture – Unlike many other states, NY is open to all sorts of diverse artists and cultural norms. If you want to experience areal culture shock and enjoy diversity, then this is the place for you.
  • New York has a relatively low crime rate – It’s good news honestly. You will love that New York has crime rates that are lower than the national average.
  • The weather is diverse – This is a pro or a con depending on what you like. You will experience all four seasons to be precise. Therefore, you will enjoy as much sunshine as you will enjoy the snow.
  • It has high tax rates – You are probably prepared for this but we needed to reiterate it as well. Moreover, the cost of living is quite high in the state of New York.

Places in NY that are surrounded by nature

As we already mentioned, you will definitely love New York. We should prepare you for the best places in NY for nature lovers. Before we do that, let’s see how else we can describe NY for you. There are so many places you can visit in New York. To be honest, New York City itself has so many different places for you to visit. Let’s check out some places in NYC in case you decide you will live there:

  • Riverside Park
  • The High Line Park
  • Carl Schurz Park
  • Maddison Square Park
  • Paley Park
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park

    Central Park during the day
    You definitely need to visit some of the most beautiful places in NYC.

These are just some of the best places in NY for nature lovers. Well, to be more precise, these are places in NYC. But, it’s close enough because you are obligated to go and visit these amazing places in New York City. Also, if you plan on moving some of your delicate items, piano movers Rockland county NY is here to help you out.

Ideal places in NY for nature lovers and those who want to escape busy urban life

We should get into some of the best places in NY for nature lovers. You will see that these places are amazing and they feed your soul. Therefore, do your best to make a list of these places and visit them one by one. Moreover, be sure to contact fine art movers Rockland County NY if you plan on moving any delicate or fragile items.

Now, let’s see what are the ultimate best places in NY for nature lovers:

  • Adirondack Mountains
  • Watkins Glen State Park
  • Niagara Falls State Park
  • Thousand Islands
  • Letchworth State Park
  • Finger Lakes

Is settling in New York a good idea for you?

To be honest, we can’t answer that question for you because we are not sure if you will like it. It all depends on you and your preferences. New York is a great state that has a lot to offer to everyone looking to have a high quality of life. Also, you will be pleased to know that although its taxes are high, you will enjoy the benefits this state has to offer. This is a relatively large state therefore make sure you make a good decision on time. This is the state for extroverts and open-minded people.

Central park from above
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of your future state.

As you can see, we named more than just a free of the best places in NY for nature lovers. It’s time to pack your bags, call your movers, and get to the state of New York. You will see that life in this state will get you amazing job opportunities, new people, enrich your culture and history, and so on. Anyway, make sure you give us a call and tell us if you need any help with your relocation. We will do our best to help you out. Good luck and we hope you will love living here.





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