Best places in Westchester County for seniors

If you are planning to retire and need to find your own peace far away from the city center, moving to the suburban areas of New York City is your priority. Enormously crowded places, city noise, and traffic jams could ruin your day. Especially if you’re a senior who needs a calming and quiet life. Westchester County NY may be an ideal location for you. Located just 30 minutes from the New York city center, surrounded by soothing nature, the Hudson River, and Long Island Sound, this place can fulfill all your needs. If you start searching the suburban area of NY, you’ll see that there are a lot of places in Westchester County for seniors.

traffic jam
If you are tired of traffic jams and crowded places, you may want to consider moving to the suburbs.

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Where do I move to? It’s the first thought that occurs to you when you initially start thinking about moving. Suburban areas of NY are very popular nowadays. They are relatively close to the city center, but you can enjoy a peaceful life. Among different suburban areas within NY, Westchester County NY is one of the most popular for seniors. It’s one of the areas with the highest percentage of retirees. If you find yourself lost in searching for a good place to move, let us show good places in Westchester County for seniors.

Rye Brook

The village of Rye Brook within the town of Rye and with a population of 9,347  may be the first spot to consider living in. This little village implemented Rye Brook Seniors Program. This program aims at creating an environment for seniors where they can live a healthy and active life and fulfill all their needs. Furthermore, this program offers a variety of different activities for the elderly, such as regular exercising, different cultural and health lectures. As regular exercising is a key to a healthy life, in Rye Brook you can enjoy:

  • Tai Chi,
  • Low Impact Aerobics,
  • Weight Training,
  • Yoga Classes

Rye Brook also takes part in many programs dedicated to connecting people of all ages. This is particularly important if you are alone, or just want to constantly meet new people. You can also enjoy senior transportation which is available to all seniors who no longer drive for free. You can be given a ride to and from most senior clubs, medical institutions, and grocery stores. If you are currently looking for a new place to reside, and Rye Brook seems interesting to you, Movers New York will help you relocate. Our desire is to make your move go smoothly.

a bus in the move
It’s crucial to live in a place with a good transport system when you are no longer able to drive.


The village of Ardsley which is the part of the town of Greenburgh can be your destination after you have retired. Ardsley has a population of 4,452. Despite being a small city, there are many things to do. You can take a walk through many parks that offer many amenities like sport facilities, restrooms, snack bars. Pascone Park, McDowell Park, and Pocket Parks are the most popular ones. These parks could be your antistress therapy – observing nature and listening to birds tweeting give you tons of relaxation. If you are a bookworm, you will love going to Ardsley Public Library. The library has a modern look and is surrounded by trees. Reading in nature will be your favorite activity.

Ardsley offers many assisted living facilities and retirement homes. To be precise you can choose from 115 assisted living facilities in the Arsdley area.  You will find something that meets your needs with ease.


The village of Hastings-on-Hudson is also a part of the town of Greenburg, but it’s located southwest of the town. It has a population of 8,903 and is just 30 km away from New York City. The Hudson River and the Saw Mill River embrace this village with vibrant nature.

Hastings-on-Hudson owns many parks where you can enjoy different kinds of activities, from light walking to more intense activities like tennis. One of the most enjoyable recreational spots is the Old Croton Aqueduct Trailway. This railway is followed by an old path of an aqueduct that was used to bring water from the Croton River to New York City.

Hastings-on-Hudson village is open to all seniors and therefore behaves in a supportive manner to all those relocating there. The village has its The Senior Outreach Program that concentrates on assisting and motivating seniors to live a healthy lifestyle.  The village has a great transportation system for seniors. Friends In Service Helping called “FISH” is a transportation organization that provides medical transport for elderly people in need. You can be sure you’ll be at your medical appointment on time.

a path in a wood
Long walks and light hiking have good effects on your health.


This suburban village often called Irvington-on-Hudson, with a population of 6,498 is another great place in Westchester County for seniors. Irvington is close to Hastings-on-Hudson and is also located on the Hudson River.

This village, which is a part of Greenburg offers The Senior Citizen Program to its residents who are 55 or more. In order to be able to enjoy all the benefits that this program offers, you need to complete a senior citizen information application. After that, you can indulge in various in-club activities, trips, workshops, and many more.

Irvington is home to many beautiful parks. Some of them are Hudson River waterfront parks, others are hidden in the village. Scenic Hudson Park, Halsey Pond Park, Matthiessen Park with serene nature are perfect spots to spend an evening with beloved ones. On the other hand, if you like exploring, hiking is what you’ll love in Irvington. You can go for long walks into the Irvington Woods and enjoy trailways by Peter Oley Trailways System.





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