Best Rockland County places for big families

Logically, a family move is much more complicated than other types of move. You are to consider each detail concerning your family members and yourself. To begin with, you must choose the best Rockland County places for big families. How to do it? Well, there’s no other way than a detailed preparation. Search the internet, read reviews, ask someone for help. At the same time, contact the best professional movers. Indeed, you’ll need an ally in this endeavor.

A number of Rockland County places for big families will satisfy your needs

Firstly, find out more you can about Rockland County districts for large families. Local movers Rockland County may be of great help. Of course, we can help too. In general, Rockland County consists of 5 towns and 19 villages. Also, it’s about 19 miles away from NYC at its closest point. Moreover, we must mention that roughly one-third of the county is parkland. They definitely preserve nature. Throughout the year the whole family may enjoy swimming, fishing, picnicking, biking, and many other activities. As for the exact places, we’ve considered costs of living, crime, education, entertainment. Hence, we’ve come up with the top 5.

  • Piermont
  • South Nyack
  • Upper Nyack
  • New City
  • Bardonia

    a living room in a house in some of the best Rockland County places for big families
    In case your budget allows it, find the right property in Piermont. Certainly, you’ll enjoy living here.


To emphasize, Piermont, with a population of 2,540, is ranked as the best place to live in Rockland County in 2020. Thus, movers Orangeburg NY will successfully transport your possessions to the new destination. Feel the mix of urban and suburban. Public schools are highly rated. Also, most residents own their homes. Still, be aware that the median rent is $2,000. On the contrary, the median home value is $579,800. Therefore, property costs are quite high.

South Nyack, Upper Nyack, New City

What features them all is that median home value and rent are significantly lower. Thus, it would be a good option when choosing Rockland County areas for big families. Movers Nyack NY can adapt their services to your possibilities. Therefore, you’ll have more money by the end of the day.


As for Bardonia, you’ll be surprised to read that the median rent is $539 and the median home value $3,966. Such a difference compared to other places.

four women laughing and picnicking
Enjoy Rockland County places for big families. Turn around and look at all those smiley faces.

What do they all have in common?

How to choose? Important to realize, each place differs in its own way. However, they are all beautiful places, clean, spacious, with nice people. Indeed, you can enjoy wildlife in these areas. Not to mention the parks covering huge acres of land. As a matter of fact, the general atmosphere is amazing everywhere.

Wherever you go, you’ll be satisfied

Altogether, among a variety of different places opt for the most suitable one for the whole family. As already mentioned, there is a number of  Rockland County places for big families. First, be sure what you really want. Then, after a thorough inspection, it won’t be too difficult to decide.




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