Biggest mistakes people make when moving a piano

When moving, a lot of valuable and precious items need to be packed and transported to the final destination. You are emotionally attached to those items. Therefore, even a little scratch damage on them could make you feel horrible for weeks. People move musical instruments, personal medical equipment, expensive home appliances. All these devices require special care during the moving process so that any damages can be avoided. Piano moving is a very complex process as this instrument is a bulky, heavy, and very delicate thing with a lot of parts. Furthermore, pianos are very expensive things and if damaged, it could cost a lot to repair them. Mistakes people make when moving a piano can lead to scratching and damaging. To avoid any stress when relocating a piano, contact piano movers Rockland County NY. We’ve been relocating people for many years now, and we can move you with ease.

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Moving a piano doesn’t have to be stressful if you hire a professional mover.

We at Slattery Moving know how much you love your piano. We are dedicated and skillful at moving pianos no matter where. You can be sure your piano will arrive without a single scratch. Never try to move a piano on your own, let it be done by professionals like we are.

When you want to move a bulky item like a piano, you have to keep in mind several important things. Many people overlook some crucial aspects of moving. As a result, they make mistakes that can cost them an arm and a leg. We’re giving you an overview of the biggest mistakes people make when moving a piano. So you can have it with you to avoid them and save you from trouble.

Moving it on your own

Okay, we all try to do as much as possible on our own, but that’s not always a good choice. We should stay away from the things we’ve never done before such as moving the piano. Firstly, you are not experienced enough to execute the move. As someone who doesn’t move every day, you may not be able to foresee all possible difficulties. This is not the case with professional movers, they always know what could go wrong. With that in mind, they can always act to prevent any unwanted outcomes, such as damages. Secondly, you don’t have all the necessary equipment needed for a smooth movement of a piano. Moving a piano may require disassembling and detaching of the piano’s parts. Since you probably don’t have all the equipment needed, you can damage some parts of a piano.

Keep in mind that due to their sensitive mechanism, bulky size, and heaviness, pianos are the hardest times to move. So you definitely don’t want to take a risk of moving a piano on your own. It’s always good to hire a moving company. Movers Rockland County NY can do all these tasks effortlessly. You will feel less stressed and your precious piano will be untouched.

Underestimating piano’s size

Most people underestimate the piano’s size and weight thinking it is lighter than it actually is. Pianos are by far one of the most complicated things to move. Its size, unusual shape, and weight make it so difficult to move. Delicate finishes on a piano make it very sensitive to any kind of force. It means that pianos are very prone to scratches, nicks, and dents.

a weight scale
A piano is one very heavy item, you don’t want to get injured lifting it.

The piano’s weight can vary a lot depending on the piano type. Most upright pianos weigh between 500 and 800 pounds, while smaller pianos can weigh around 300 pounds. That’s a lot of pounds for one or a couple of arms.  When you move a piano, it’s really hard to tell if you are capable of moving such a big thing without the help of professionals. Lifting a piano all the way to your truck could be mission impossible as you are perhaps not strong enough. At the same time, lifting heavy can lead to lower back and ligaments injuries. Better safe than sorry, always opt for a good and reliable moving company.

Also, by misjudging the piano’s size, you can have trouble moving it through doorframes. Just imagine how angry you would be if you found out on a moving day that your piano can’t go with you since it is stuck in the doorframe. So, you need to measure your piano several times to be sure it can go through doorframes.

Inadequate protection

Good protection for your piano while being transported is the priority. Besides the piano’s expensive price tag, it’s the emotional bond you have with it which makes that you don’t want a single scratch on it. Being a very delicate and gentle thing, the piano requires a lot of attention and care during transport. It’s important that your piano is thoroughly wrapped in a protective foil and bubble foil. These protective foils need to be tightened well so you can be sure your piano is well protected all the time. Also, don’t forget to protect the floor by putting down plastic protective shields that also allow a piano to move.

Keep in mind that if you feel it’s better to postpone moving a piano. That’s okay. You can move a piano to a storage unit. Storage Rockland County NY is where you can find the best storage service. Their storage units are with the highest level of protection. You can be sure all your belongings are carefully stored and constantly monitored.

 a little piano
With professional movers, your piano is safe

Inadequate moving

One of the very common mistakes people make when moving a piano is using its casters for moving. Piano casters are intended to be used for short distances. And by short distances, we mean few inches. Yes, you read it well – few inches. Once a piano is in the room, you can move it using casers to adjust its position slightly. Otherwise, never use them for moving, you risk breaking them, and damaging a piano.

Keep in mind that lifting the piano by its legs is also a bad idea. These legs are mostly decorative and will break easily. We advise you to never try this since it could totally damage a piano and most importantly put people lifting a piano in a danger. Some of them may end up beneath the heavy piano and can suffer serious injuries.





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