Challenges for the first-time renters in Nanuet

Whether you are moving out of your parents’ house or starting a college, looking for the first apartment is exciting. At least, it looks like that at first. But then it comes the moment when you realize that there are many things that you are not familiar with in this whole process. Don’t worry- since we all went through that. Even people that move often have troubles when it comes to finding the right apartment. In order to be successful in finding your first apartment, we have created a list of challenges for first-time renters in Nanuet.

Not being familiar with the application process

First of all, when looking for an apartment to rent you should be familiar with the application process in Nanuet. Since you don’t have experience maybe it would be best to find an agent that will help you with a search. Still, whether you are looking for an apartment on your own or the agent is doing that for you, once you find the right one the process is not over. Before your reliable moving company relocates you to your new apartment you will have to go through the application process. You will have to provide information such as:

  • Employment history
  • Job income
  • Credit score
  • Bank statements

Based on those information landlords will decide whether you are dependable to rent the apartment. Be aware that if you are not financially independent your family can act as a co-signer. 

Google map on loaded on Ipad as location is one of the important factors for first-time renters in Nanuet
Location is one of the important factors when renting the apartment

Choosing the right location

The only difference between first-time renters and the ones that have experience when it comes to the apartment search is that first-time renters are more optimistic. People that search for their first apartment usually have their hopes up in the sense of the location. Before you start with your search make sure to set realistic goals on the area where you can rent the apartment. The location of your apartment is important. You should make a decision whether you prefer to be closer to your work, parks, or area filled with restaurants and bars.

All first-time renters in Nanuet should first determine the budget

Whether you are using local movers Rockland County or you are relocating from another state to Nanuet it is crucial to set your budget. The average rent price in Nanuet NY is 2500$. However, this price will vary and depends on the location and size of the apartment. Decide whether you prefer to pay more for the apartment but be close to work, or you prefer to save money on the rent but spend time commuting every day.

Not asking about utilities

One of the things that most first-time renters usually don’t ask their landlords is information related to utilities. When you are discussing the price make sure to ask if any utilities are included in the rent. And if not, go through the list of the utilities that you will have to pay on top of the monthly rent. Maybe, the apartment that you decide to rent has some utilities that you will not use. Finding out more information about this will give you a chance to cancel those services and save money. Having in mind that utilities in Nanuet are higher than the national average this can be an important factor when renting an apartment.

A person holding a contract
For the first-time renters in Nanuet is important to read the lease carefully before signing it

First-time renters in Nanuet should make sure to read the lease

One of the most important things before your movers Nanuet NY relocate you to your new apartment is to carefully read a lease. This is a binding legal document signed between you and your tenet. In this document, you will have all the basic information about the apartment, monthly rent, security deposit, etc.

However, the lease can contain some of the additional information that can be important for you to know. For example, it can specify the penalties in case you are late with the rent, policy regarding owning a pet or a musical instrument, penalties if you decide to move before your lease is up, etc. As this is an important document before you sign anything go through it carefully and make sure to understand everything that is written in there.

First-time renters should be familiar with renter’s insurance

Having insurance of any kind to protect you from unexpected events is always a good idea. Even though we always think that we don’t need one, unfortunately, there might be times when we could regret the decision not to have it. For that reason, make sure to get renter’s insurance. By having renter’s insurance you will have peace of mind knowing that your personal belongings will be protected from fire or storm. It may also cover your housing in case of an accident. Some landlords require this, but even though it’s not mandatory, it would be good not to risk and be extra cautious by getting one.

A woman carrying cardboard boxes
Prepare the checklist of essentials for your moving day

Prepare for the move into your new apartment in Nanuet

Now you are familiar with all the procedures and factors that might be important during the apartment search. It is time to prepare for moving into it. One of the best ways would be to get Rockland County moving services and not worry about packing and transportations. However, if you decide to move on your own make sure to make a checklist of the essentials. Also, it would be smart to take pictures of the apartment on your first day, especially if there are any damages. This way you will have proof that you are not the one who made those damages.

Searching for the first apartment is exciting, but there are many things that you will have to pay attention to. Do not settle for the cheapest apartment but make sure to pay attention to all the challenges that first-time renters in Nanuet may encounter. 




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