Challenges of moving fine art and how to overcome them

You want to move or your need to move? Whatever it is, wanting or needing – the moving process is the same! We can say, with some certainty, that moving when you don’t have fine arts in your home – is a lot easier. The problem with fine art is that they are probably expensive, you love them, and you don’t want to see them damaged or broken! The challenges of moving fine art and how to overcome them is one of the first things that comes to our mind when we plan to move.

Fine art movers Rockland County NY can be there for you to plan everything on time and in the most professional way! The rest is just being calm and relaxed! Plan the packing process the way it is best for you. Find a moving company that knows their work. You will finish in no time!

girl and a guy sitting on the floor surrounded with boxes packing
The challenges of moving fine art are just overcoming packing fragile items.

Challenges of moving fine art and how to overcome them

The first thing you need to do is to find quality products for your move. You need to research what moving supplies are the best for packing fine arts. Find them on time and prepare the part in your house that you will use for packing all the fine arts you have in the house. Having space for packing means having more opportunities to avoid damaging the fine arts while you pack!

The first step on planning to move the fine arts

Make a list of everything you need and think about what you mustn’t forget!

  • Make a list of packing supplies that you need to get
  • Decide if you are going to pack by yourself or you will hire professional fine art movers
  • Think about what you have to do besides getting packing supplies (Deinstallation and installation, Protection, Security)

If you hire professional fine art movers 

You will not be thinking about protection. There is less chance of damaging the important memories or expensive fine art if the professionals handle the job. They are experts at their job and it will be quicker and more elegant. You can always consider additional moving insurance, just in case. Good moving companies that work with fine moving arts have in their offer moving insurances. Haverstraw movers are always there to assist you in packing and moving fine arts!

If you need it, you can ask for security monitoring, in case of wanting storage for your fine arts.

Packing supplies for the fine arts

  • Boxes – all the boxes that can be used for packing fine arts. For pictures and mirrors, you can use a box called a mirror carton. For the smaller decorations, you can use regular boxes or even better plastic ones.
  • Cushioning supplies – loose fill packing peanuts, bubble wraps, moving blankets, etc. You can take a piece of advice on this with the moving company that you choose.
  • Tapes – there are all sorts of tapes, like packing tape, painters’ tape, or masking tape
  • Markers – use permanent markers and visible colors

    scissors and tape on bubble wrap
    Use the right packing supplies for the packing fine arts.

Label everything that is fragile

When it comes to labeling with those markers that you got for packing:

  • LabelFragile” on the box or/and “Handle with care”
  • And Frontof the mirror, pictures, and paintings, so you can know then unpacking where is front facing in the box

For the rest of belonging that is not that fragile, you can label just information on what is in the box. Make sure that people that carry and relocate fine art know that boxes are labeled with – “Fragile” and “Front”.

Moving a piano – prepare yourself for the fragile work

You shouldn’t move the piano by yourself if you are not prepared for that. You need professional equipment for moving the pianos. On the other hand, piano movers, Rockland County NY knows their job. They have all the equipment and experience for this work.

What someone that moves a piano needs to do:

  • Measure the space at the new home.
  • Knowing what size moving truck you’ll need (depends on how big is the piano).
  • Making space for the moving piano. Clearing the paths.
  • Secure the piano for a move and move it safely
  • If you are moving an upright piano – You need to check do you have the right equipment. For example, is the dolly that you are using is enough for the whole piano. In case of moving a grand piano – besides securing it you also should remove the legs from the piano before relocating it.
  • Don’t forget to load the piano first in the truck.

    Challenges of moving fine art and piano from the old house
    Move your fine arts and piano safely from your old house to the new one!

Moving fine arts long-distance

Long-distance or locally are pretty much the same, but still longer the road – more opportunities to something goes wrong. So, if you want to avoid that, you need to take extra measures with packing and preparing the move. For example, preparing easily breakable things – moving mirrors long distance – should be the number one priority to secure. The same goes for other glass-like belongings that you have.

Prepare the new home for moving in

Separate all the boxes that are not fragile from the fragile ones. That way when you move in and start to unpack, you can be sure that boxes that you are moving all around the house are not breakable. You will be more relaxed unpacking if you have that system. After you unpack everything that you use every day, you can start with fragile items and decorations. If you do that after you decide where the furniture goes, it will be easier to decide on decorations.

If you can, make space for unpacking also. Organize boxes in the way that is best for you not to skip over them. Put them side by side and close the walls. After all the moving and going through the stress, try to make yourself comfortable in your new home. Challenges of moving fine art are beside you! You overcame them! After you put your fine art back in its place, that new house will become your new home!





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