Disassembling furniture for storage: Tips & Tricks

Both before and after the move, some problems with belongings might occur. For various reasons, it can happen that you don’t have enough space to sort your furniture. What to do in this case, you wonder? It’s not easy giving up on stuff and selling them or recycling if you might need them again. The best and perfect solution for you should be to contact those movers New York you hired for the relocation. Check which storages they have available and book one for you! In the meantime, prepare for disassembling furniture for storage, because you will need as much space as possible.

Person wrapping a wooden armchair in bubble wrap.
By disassembling furniture for storage you are making more needed space.

What for do you need storage?

You probably wonder why should you use storage for your furniture. It can be for just a short term while you finish cleaning your house before moving into the new one. Or, it can be for a longer-term, when you don’t have enough space in your own home to place all the furniture. It’s possible that when you move somewhere else, you will buy new furniture pieces, but still want to save the old one. That can happen often. Finding storage Nanuet NY offers is the best solution in this case. When finding storage, try to look for the one with security cameras. Just to be sure.

Why is disassembling furniture for storage important?

It is not enough only to find storage Suffern NY and put all the furniture inside. You are going to put a little bit of effort into this one. Get ready to disassemble everything you are going to store. Disassembling furniture for storage is important because of few reasons. Of course, the first one would be because of space. You want your storage to be spacious as possible, don’t you?

Also, when you make it spacious, at the same time you are letting the airflow without any impediments on the way. In addition, to avoid moisture and damage to the furniture this part is important too. One more reason why you should disassemble everything is for easier organization. This way you can rearrange everything exactly how you want and in every moment you know exactly where your things are. And do not forget that you can add more things if you do this.

Two people wrapping and disassembling furniture for moving.
Get help on the way to speed up the process!

A small tip before moving things to storage is to contact junk removal Rockland county NY and get rid of unnecessary things.

How to disassemble furniture for storage

Now, the main part. Write down all the following steps and start doing them one by one.

  • Empty all the furniture.
  • Clean and dry all the furniture precisely.
  • Remove the legs.
  • Unscrew all the attachments and parts of each piece of furniture.
  • Store them in separate cardboard boxes and label the boxes.
  • Don’t use bubble wraps. Instead, use soft moving covers.
  • Ask your movers for help!

Get yourself a proper toolbox for unscrewing and get the job done in no time! Be careful, try not to hurt yourself or make damage to the furniture!





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