Guide for organizing your new home

Are you moving soon, but you’re already thinking about organizing your new home? We’re here to help you get settled in! Slattery Moving & Storage has prepared a few pieces of advice for organizing your new home. Start implementing advice on organizing your new home even before you’ve moved. There are numerous actions that you can take to make the transition into your new home easier, and organizing much less chaotic. That’s why you should start preparing for the relocation and the transition into your new home way before you relocate. The whole process of adapting your home can start before you’ve arrived. Make organizing your new home a piece of cake – and enjoy your new home! To find out what you can do, keep on reading!

blueprints for organizing your new home
Comparing blueprints will tell you a lot about the possible furniture placements!

Organizing your new home before relocation

Organizing your new home starts when you:

  • Compare the blueprints – To find out whether your current furniture will fit into the new home, compare the blueprints. If you can, use some of the numerous computer programs that allow you to make a blueprint and insert the furniture dimensions as well.
  • Declutter – Decluttering is a very important part of every relocation process. First and foremost, when we live in the home for a long time, we gather a lot of items that we simply don’t need anymore – including some furniture pieces. Keep in mind that movers will bill the most for heavy and bulky items. What you can do to lessen the cost and help with organizing your new home in advance is to sell the furniture you have now, and buy the new one that will fit your new home better.
  • Order custom furniture pieces – After you finish decluttering and compare the blueprints, you’ll be able to plan the furniture arrangement. This process will most likely lead to the results that you have to get some of the new furniture pieces. Before you relocate, order the custom pieces if you can. This will require visiting the new place and confirming the measures, but it will definitely help you save time.

Rent the storage space

When you start packing for your new home, keep in mind that you’ll need to unpack in order to organize your new home. When that happens, people often find themselves in the middle of the mess not knowing what to do or where to start.

To avoid this happening to you, be strategic when unpacking items. If this doesn’t help, and you can see that the items will definitely limit your ability to organize the space, consider renting the storage space, or getting a storage container that will be placed in your yard. That way, you’ll be able to localize the mess in one place until you figure out where you’ll place the items. It’s also a convenient way to get the packing materials out of the way. Many people oversee that they’ll have to deal with all of the packing boxes after the relocation, so keep in mind that relocation isn’t over until the unpacking process is.

a woman covered with clothes
To avoid clutter, consider renting a storage space until you fully unpack.

Organizing your new home just after you arrive

  • Tell the movers where to place the furniture – When you arrive, any quality movers such as movers White Plains NY will allow you to instruct them exactly where to place the furniture. This is one of the main reasons why comparing the blueprints is necessary. You don’t want to spend a lot of time planning on the spot, especially if you pay movers on an hourly basis. Movers will gladly place the furniture wherever you tell them. In the end, you’ll avoid getting hurt if the movers move the heavy furniture instead of you, even if it means getting their help for a little longer than you’ve planned.
  • Clean out the first layer of dirt after the relocation – When the movers leave, clean the dust and dirt that was left behind during the relocation process. This will help you have a clean start. Localize the moving boxes in some of the rooms, except the ones that you’ll need the most. That way, when you unpack, you won’t come in the way of the bathroom or kitchen amenities that some of the household members, or you, might need.

Unpack room by room to avoid the mess

When you hire reliable movers, like New York to Florida movers, you can rest assured that they’ll do their best to help you arrange the furniture and moving boxes where you want. But the unpacking is a complicated process, so you should divide and conquer by unpacking room by room.

When you unpack all the items, gather the packing materials in one place. After you arrange the furniture and all of the items in your room, clean it from top to bottom. First, clean the ceiling, then the items on the shelves and the furniture, and in the end, clean the floor. The floor should be cleaned from the furthest point away from the door. As you near the exit of the room, the more of the room gets clean. That’s how you’ll avoid stepping on cleaned parts of the room before it dries out.

mother and daughter unpacking
Organizing your new home starts by packing and labeling boxes properly.

Have someone help you with organizing your new home

In the end, keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything yourself. When you’re organizing your new home after the relocation, invite friends and family to help you unpack and clean. To make sure they can arrive on time, notify them at least a few days earlier. That way, they can organize and show up to help you. If you need help with any heavy lifting because you’ve changed your mind regarding some of the items and their placement, don’t hesitate and get professional help with lifting. This will help you avoid getting injured, as well as save the items from potential damage.




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