Guide to relocating to Pearl River

In the state of New York, there is a hamlet which beauty attracts people from all over the country. And its name is Pearl River. With a population of only 16.000 people, this small town is a perfect place for raising a family. Its beautiful rows of houses are a perfect escape for many Ney York residents. It is in the suburbs of NY. But that is not the only appeal of this quiet but vibrant town. There are many more hidden gems to this hemlock that make it shine among its neighbors. Indeed best movers Rockland county NY have seen an increase in people moving here. Therefore, if you are thinking about relocating to Pearl River, here are some facts that might help you decide.

The quality of education is why people decide to move

If you are thinking about moving with your family to Pearl River, you will not make a mistake. There are a lot of factors parents have to consider when they are choosing the location of their new home. And one of them can have a lot of impact on the future of their children. But in this case, hiring movers Pearl River NY would not be something you might end up regretting. Because this little heaven has one of the best educational systems in the state. In fact, public schools spend more money on a student than the national average. Thus many students end up graduating with the highest scores. There is one high school and one middle school in this district. Thus you can be sure that your children will receive the best education possible.

staked books with an apple on top and kubes with letters
The quality of education is the number one reason so many people are relocating to Pearl River

Once you move to Pearl River you will notice an interesting fact about the crime rate

When they are near a large city, small towns are bound to have some trouble with the law. Especially when that city is New York. But that is not the case with Pearl River. Even though it is only an hour and a half from NY, this little town is almost completely crime-free. It is the number one reason why so many people decide to professionally pack and move to Pearl River. Having a home here means that you never again have to worry about your safety and that of your family. And many argue that it is so safe that you can leave your car unlocked. That is why Pearl River is at the top of the safest places to live in the USA. It is a community that is striving to live to the highest standards.

Friendly neighbors are why so many people decide to relocate here

Did you know that Pearl River was voted a number one spot for millennials? And one thing this generation desires more than else is to socialize. Therefore if you love towns where neighbors are friendly, then relocating to Pearl River is the right move for you. A lot of residential movers have noted that this is a number one concern of potential homeowners. Indeed who would enjoy sharing a fence with unfriendly people. In other words, be ready to make some friends. After a while, you will not be able to cross the street without saying hello. For this is a tight-knit Irish community. And above all else, they value the family and the community.

four friends with a dog having a picnic
Be ready to make friends as soon as you move to Pearl River

The location of Pearl River is what attracts a lot of people

Usually, people love to finish their work for the day and rest in the quiet of their homes. But if you live in a big city like New York, that is something only a few have. It is what makes Pearl River perfect for young working people. It is just around 28 miles from NY. Which is approximately 50 minutes of driving. So if your day job in New York, you are only a short commute away from Pearl River. Also, if you are concerned about the environment and do not own a car, there are alternative transportations. You can take the train that will take you to Manhattan. Or if you like there is also a bus that will drive you in less than 2 hours to the center of PR.

The things to do in Pearl River

Whether you are alone or with a family, there is always something to do in Pearl River. It is because the citizens of this lovely town love to socialize. So once you move, expect that you will have fun exploring this small gem. If you are a food lover, then you found your heaven. There are plenty of restaurants and bars that will keep you busy exploring different foods.  And if you are a history buff, just a reminder that it was founded in 1870. Which makes every corner of this place a museum. Indeed, there are plenty of old houses for sale that still kept the original look from the 19th century. And for a more immersed experience, visit the Hoboken Historical Museum.

a bar with drinks on the wall
Restaurants and bars are at the top of the things to do in this small hemlock

Relocating to Pearl River is a start of a new life

If you are looking for a change that will make your life better, then relocating to Pearl River is a great idea. Voted as one of the safest places in the USA it is a great town to raise your family. Also, your kids will greatly benefit from the exceptional educational system. With such friendly people, you are sure to make friends fast. And there are plenty of bars and restaurants. So you will not be in danger of getting bored. As a part of the New York state, Pearl River is close to the big city. It makes it perfect if you work in NY because it takes only 2 hours by train to reach it. All in all, this is a small but beautiful place where your family will be safe and happy to live.





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