How to avoid the challenges of a local move in NY

Are you relocating to the other part of New York soon, but the more you devote yourself to the relocation, the more complicated it seems? Don’t worry! Slattery Moving & Storage is here to help you overcome all challenges of a local move in NY. Every relocation poses its unique challenges, and moving locally in New York can be more challenging than moving locally anywhere else. That’s why good organization and early planning are the keys. To find out more about how to organize your relocation and avoid the challenges you might encounter, keep on reading!

Start organizing as early as possible

When you first start preparing for relocation, you’ll need to find reliable movers and plan the date of the relocation. Start preparing as early as you can to get a head start. More time, in the beginning, means more time in case some inconvenience happens. During the relocations, it’s very likely that some parts of the plan will simply not go as planned. That’s why starting as early as possible is necessary. In case you need to change the dates, or the whole plan, having more time than you actually need is of utmost importance. Give yourself the chance to be flexible and change your mind!

avoid challenges of a local move in NY
To avoid the challenges of a local move in NY, start preparing early-use lists, declutter, and pack as soon as you can!

Decluttering is one of the challenges of a local move in NY

As you probably already know, decluttering is a must when it comes to relocation. There are several reasons for that, and we’ll go through all of them:

  • Decluttering lessens the number of items that will clutter your new home.
  • If you have items that you’re not sure whether you’d like to get rid of, then consider hiring reliable movers such as Movers White Plains NY to help you place some of those items in storage.
  • Before you relocate, compare the blueprints of your current apartment and the new one. You’ll see which furniture fits it, and which will simply take too much space.
  • In case the furniture is too big, there’s no use in relocating it. You’ll just pay too much to have it moved, especially if it’s big and bulky, and then you’ll have to deal with the furniture even after you’ve relocated.
  • When you declutter, you’ll have a smaller number of items to pack, load, carry, unpack, and sort after you arrive at your new home.

What to do with the items that you don’t want anymore?

It’s simple. There are several options that you can take into consideration when you’re thinking about what to do with the items that you don’t want or need anymore:

  • Sell them. If the items are in good condition and they’re worth something, you can sell them and use the money to pay off part of the moving services. Maybe that money will help you buy another piece of furniture that fits your new space better than the current one.
  • Donate or gift them. If you don’t want items simply because you don’t like them anymore or you feel like you need a change, but they’re in good condition – why not make someone else’s day better and give them the item? 
  • Throw the items away if they simply don’t serve the purpose anymore.
packing materials
High-quality packing materials are detrimental to the safety of your belongings.

Procure the quality packing materials

To get the packing materials, you need to plan the quantity of the items that you’ll need. You also need to think about where you can get those materials. Let’s take a look at your options:

  • Getting materials from the moving company. Almost every local movers Orange County has offers the possibility to rent the materials from them. This is a convenient option if you frequently procrastinate since it will make you unpack as soon as possible and not procrastinate the unpacking process!
  • DIY store – It’s a place where you can get a lot of packing materials, and you can ask the workers there for help. It’s very likely that the store will have what you need. The downside is that you’ll need to bring the items from the store to your home, and if there’s a lot of packing materials, you might need a big vehicle.
  • Online store – Ordering things on the internet might cost more due to the shipping costs, but it definitely saves you time.

One of the main challenges of a local move in NY is packing the items

Packing is often the most gruesome part of the relocation process. Why is it infamous? Because it takes a lot of time and energy and often requires huge amounts of organizational skills. The sheer number of items that you have to deal with daily is not small, and taking into consideration the sorting, cleaning, and labeling – it’s easy to understand how one might get overwhelmed. To avoid the challenges of a local move in NY such as getting burnt out with the packing process, you have three options:

  • Hire professional movers and let them handle all the packing and heavy lifting for you.
  • Invite friends and family over, and have them help you with the packing. If you organize well, this process can be over quickly and without inconveniences. The trick is to invite only the people that will lessen your stress, not contribute to it. 
  • And in the end, you can start packing days in advance and organize in such a way that you get a small portion of the packing done daily.
local moving company
To make the whole process easier, get help from a local moving company!

Get help from local movers

If you don’t have enough time to devote yourself to the moving process, and you’re afraid that you won’t be able to avoid the challenges of a local move in NY – get help from the local movers. They’ll handle all the time and energy-consuming parts of the relocation, and you’ll be able to sort out other business before you relocate. Why spend time stressing out about the relocation when you can easily get help and have a stress-free relocation that you’ve been dreaming of?




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