How to choose moving services you need the most

Relocation is a process that has a lot of tasks that need to be completed. From organizing your belongings to unpacking them there are a lot of steps that need to be done. All this can be overwhelming and stressful, but if you hire movers New York half of your job will be done. On the other hand, finding the right movers can also be challenging. You will have to do good research on moving companies and choose the moving services that will fit your needs and budget. Movers can be a great help in your relocation process. Still, you are the one who will have to decide in which steps you will need assistance with. Here are some tips on how to choose the moving services you need the most.

Choosing moving services you need the most according to the type of move

When you are deciding on moving services that you will use, the first thing that you should look at is the types of the move. Which type of move you will pick depends on how far you are planning to relocate.

A mover standing in front of the white van; choose moving services you need the most based on the type of your move
There are three different types of relocation based on the distance

Local move

To use local moving services your relocation should start and end in the same state. For example, if you are looking for the best movers in Westchester NY to relocate you to Manhattan you can use this type of moving service. Every moving company determinates what the distance should be between two destinations to consider it as a local move. However, generally, it is between 50miles and 100miles.

Long-distance move

If you are relocating across the country or to a different state then you will use long-distance moving services. This type of moving service is also known as interstate relocation. Usually, the price for these types of moves is terminated by your shipping weight. It is not charged by the hour like for most local moving services.

Choose moving services you need the most if you are relocating internationally

As the name already says, an international move is a relocation from one country to another. These types of moves are the most complicated and complex because of the customs’ regulations. If international relocation is the moving service that you need make sure to hire a reliable and experienced moving company. This is important because they are the ones that will have to walk you through the whole process and make sure that all the paperwork is done.

Decide if you need full-service professional movers

If you would like to have extra time to spend with your loved ones then you should consider full-service movers. This moving service is great because movers will handle your relocation from the beginning until the end of your move. You will not have to worry about any aspect of your relocation. If this is the service that you will need make sure to hire reliable movers such as movers White Plains NY since there are the ones that will do all the work for you. It is important to have a reputable moving company since you will entrust them all your belongings. Full-service professional movers will do :

  • Packing and unpacking of your belongings
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Loading and unloading
  • Transportation

Choose moving services you need the most based on specialty items that you have

You should consider specialty items moving service if you have items that are large and heavy, valuable and fragile. For example, if you have a piano this is the service that you will need on your moving day. Apart from piano, some other items that are considered to be specialty items are a pool table, safe, antiques, fine pieces of art, or a large TV. Specialty items don’t have to be only items that have extra dimensions but the ones that require extra care as well.

A person playing a piano
If you have piano choose moving services that you need the most which are specialty items relocation

If you are not sure whether you will need to use this service make an inventory of all the items that you think can go into this category and contact your movers. They will give you further information if you will need to use this service or not. Also, make sure to check with your movers about moving valuation. Moving valuation is insurance for your items that are lost or damaged during the relocation process. No matter how much you trust your movers it is always good to be extra cautious.

Evaluate if you need storage solutions

Another moving service that you might consider using is to rent storage. You should use storage services if you are planning to downsize your home. If there are items that you still want to keep but you don’t have enough space in your new home consider renting a storage unit. Also, this is a great service if there is a gap between leaving your current apartment and entering the new one.

Storage units
Renting a storage unit can be one of the moving services that you will need to use if you decide to downsize your home

On the other hand, if you have any valuables that require special care you can always rent temperature-controlled storage. This is an especially good option for your valuable items like paintings, instruments, or furniture made of sensitive materials. You will be more relaxed knowing that your valuable items are in a safe place and in a place where they cannot get damaged.

Junk removal services

Junk removal service is something that you should consider before your move. As already mentioned, some companies will charge for transportation of your belongings based on shipping weight. For that reason, it is good to have somebody to help you clear all the stuff that you are not using anymore. Junk removal companies will come to your home and take all the furniture, appliances, clothing, and other items that you don’t need anymore. It is also good to hire them because they will donate those items to churches or people in need. 

Once you decide to relocate make a plan, go carefully through your belongings, and choose the moving services you need the most. This will help you to have a smooth and stress-free moving day.







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