How to declutter your home before cross country relocation

You decided on moving from NY to NC and as you already know, there are many tasks to cover beforehand. Good preparation is the key to success so you must organize, pack, and find adequate movers. And on top of that, you should clean and downsize if possible. So, let us help you to declutter your home before cross country relocation and make your move easier, cleaner, and cheaper. Let’s go!

It is time to declutter your home before cross country relocation

Before you can even start packing and searching for movers Rockland County NY you must realize how much stuff you have. More importantly, what is ready for moving and what should be removed. So, inspect your home room by room. Check the attic, basement, garage, and backyard as well. And create an inventory list and sort items into categories. It is imperative to be thorough while decluttering because even a few smaller pieces can reduce the number of moving boxes. After you are done with the whole process and you have everything on paper, start sorting your stuff out. And this is the moment to slowly get other steps in motion as well. Start searching for movers and packing supplies.

shuffle through your stuff and declutter your home before cross country relocation
Firstly inspect all your belongings and create a list of stuff you want to remove.

Decluttering will reduce the moving cost

People usually don’t have the whole picture and are unaware of how decluttering can reduce the moving cost. Just imagine removing a few pieces of broken or old furniture from the whole batch. Then, a few boxes as well, and a few pieces of electronics and appliances. You already have 25% fewer items to pack, haul, and drive around. Therefore, declutter your home before cross country relocation like a pro and earn some money in the process. You probably won’t feel it in your pocket, but your overall moving bill will be significantly lower.

If you do it right, you might not need the biggest moving truck out there but the medium one. You will need fewer packing supplies for sure. And since movers charge by the hour, if they have fewer items to carry around, your move will be quicker, therefore, cheaper. Now, go! Declutter like a pro!

Clean, refurbish, and declutter your home before cross country relocation

Ok, you must be mindful of the items you are decluttering. Some of it can be refurbished, repaired, or recycled. You surely have a washing machine or an old TV somewhere in the garage. Check all those items and figure out if they worth something and is it worth the trouble. If you can repair, use, or sell, then do it. If not, recycle and don’t think about it anymore. But the most important thing to think about is antique pieces you might not even know are worth something. If you think that a certain piece of furniture or a miscellaneous item is old and valuable, take it to the art dealer for an evaluation. Who knows, you might find something.

A person cleaning furniture
Clean all your furniture and belongings you want to relocate to your new apartment.

You’ll have more space for new items

As we mentioned earlier, all those appliances and electronics are cheap nowadays and easily replaceable. If you have outdated or broken ones, it is better to purchase a new set. You should introduce some new items to your new home anyway and this is the best time to do it. Therefore, call the nearest recycling center and schedule a pickup or drive it there yourself if you have a proper vehicle. Or you can call a removal company which will happily take those items for free. Just make sure you get rid of it and make more space for packing and the rest of the moving tasks.

On the other hand, if you want to keep it all, the best solution is to rent one of the local storage Nanuet NY units. Keep all your clutter and hoard there until you figure out what to do with it. It can be a short or long-term investment. It all depends on your budget and your future plans.

You will organize your new home easier

Remember the inventory and a moving checklist you assembled earlier. Now it comes into play as an MVP and wins the day. Follow your inventory list to keep track of all your items and a moving checklist to cover all the moving tasks required. Once you arrive at your new address, you will organize much better because you know exactly where your things are. More importantly, because you decluttered like a pro, now you’ll have much more space to move things around and unpack freely. Hence, declutter your home before cross country relocation and have a pleasant time unpacking. Enjoy this part of the move instead to hate it forever.

A person writing on a paper
Your moving and inventory checklist will help you organize your new home.

What to do with all the stuff you gathered?

In the end, the question is – what to do with all the stuff you piled up? We can tell you that there are several viable solutions aside from throwing everything away. Check out the following:

  • Donate to charities – Someone at the homeless shelter surely needs your old clothes.
  • Give to friends and family – Ask your closest friends if they need some of it. Maybe they can still find some use for it.
  • Sell online – People buy a bunch of random stuff on eBay daily. Check it out and if there is a profit, do it.
  • Store – If you do not know what to do with it, rent a storage Suffern NY unit and think about this one later.
  • Garage sale – Organize a yard sale and have some fun with neighbors and friends. You’ll surely earn a buck or two.
  • Recycle – Most of your clutter can be recycled. Drop it off at the nearest recycling center or schedule a pickup.

And there we go, now you know how to declutter your home before cross country relocation. More importantly, you know why it is good and how you can benefit from it. Aside from the




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