How to Get Rid of Junk Before Your Move

Moving home can be a complicated business. Yes, you must organize properly, pack your stuff, and find the best local movers to take care of your relocation. But probably the most boring and annoying thing is the fact that while packing you must shuffle through all your stuff. While doing it, you’ll find many items you do not need anymore, and some of them are pure junk. So, the decluttering and downsizing process Is on the horizon. But worry not, we will help you get rid of junk before you move the right way. Let us begin.

Inspect everything so you can get rid of junk before your move

To figure out how much stuff you have you must inspect your home thoroughly. This means you must cover all rooms and areas of your home and list down all the items you have. If you do it right, you will figure out the number of packing materials, your moving costs, and the complexity of the move. And with this information, you can contact Slattery Moving & Storage and let them calculate your moving costs much easier and more precisely. Also, you’ll figure out which items are outdated, unused, or simply ready to be replaced. With this info, you are ready to embark on the packing process and clean, declutter, and downsize.

Inspect your stuff and get rid of junk before your move
Don’t worry, we all have cluttered space somewhere in our homes. Just clean it out.

And do not try to wiggle your way out of this one. If you cover this part you’ll start fresh and even reduce moving costs because you’ll have fewer items to pack and transport. Therefore, roll your sleeves and get right to it. It won’t take too much time. You are shuffling through stuff anyway, just pay closer attention and get rid of junk before your move.

Sort your items into designated piles

Sorting your stuff out will bring many great memories. Simply because each piece you possess will go through your hands. This might be a minor setback because you’ll spend more time enjoying the stuff you almost forgot about than packing for moving. Yes, probably half of it is cluttering your space unnecessarily. Therefore, be careful here and sort your stuff in designated piles. Make a pile with items that hold sentimental and emotional value. Other piles should contain outgrew and outdated clothes. And so on, keep the pace and make the rules.

But we must suggest focusing on your clothes first. A great practice is to finally try on some forgotten pieces and realize if you are going to wear them ever again. Hence, start with your wardrobe and move your way forward. Also, cover the same process for each member of the family. Especially for your kids. Your children surely have outgrown and old clothes that can be donated.

Take a closer look at all the electronics and appliances you have

If you want to get rid of junk before your move you must take a look at your electronics, appliances, and other devices. We all have a broken TV somewhere in the garage and we think that we will fix it at some point. But in most cases, it stays there for 15 years and we simply throw it away one day. Maybe this is the day to do it. Or to finally do something productive with it. So, check your attic, basement, garage, shed, and yard. Those places tend to accumulate a lot of garbage over the years. Inspect each area like a detective would and clean it out. The best way is to do it while packing because you are packing electronics separately.

Retro TV on a table
You surely have appliances and electronics ready to be given away.

But if you intend on keeping it all, that is fine as well. Maybe you have some old pieces you wish to scrap for parts. Or you have an antique and vintage selection that you would rather see restored than thrown away. And this means everything should go with you. This is fine, but you must pack, relocate, and store everything. One way is to rent a storage unit and keep it all there, and the other is to find a place inside your new home and keep it there indefinitely. One thing is certain, all must be packed and relocated safely. If you wish to skip the whole process, think about the packing services your movers offer. You can have it all packed, transported, and unpacked in a matter of hours. All cheaply and efficiently. Think about it.

And furniture as well

The same process goes for your furniture. Some pieces are damaged beyond repair and some easily replaced. Think about the best solution and upon inspecting everything, start hauling out the unwanted furniture. Keep in mind that someone might need it so you must dispose of it adequately. Start by asking your friends if they need an old chair or a lamp. If they don’t then you can deliver it to the local shelter or schedule a pickup. But keep in mind that some of the furniture is extremely heavy and robust. This might be the moment to purchase junk removal services. After a couple of hours, all your furniture will be disposed of appropriately and out of your hair.

An old chair sitting on the street
There are surely a few furniture pieces you can get rid of.

Take special care of the hazardous waste

While on your quest, you will find a few questionable items that can endanger yourself and the environment. Yes, you must dispose of hazardous waste the right way and with the right approach. Firstly, inform yourself about the laws in your country regarding such items. Most likely you’ll have to dispose of it at the nearest recycling center or toss it all in bind and garbage cans used for this occasion. Whatever you choose is ok as long as you are not endangering anyone. But to do it, first, you must know which items fall into this category:

  • Flammable objects, liquids, and materials
  • Spray cans and paint
  • Volatile liquids and chemicals
  • Hazardous materials

Get rid of junk before your move but do it the proper way

Ok, the last question is, how to get rid of everything and what would be the best way of doing it. The answer is, you can donate to a local shelter or a charity organization. Then, you can sell it all online or host a farewell garage sale party and have a blast. Or give some of it to your friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, you name it. And finally, you can recycle or throw it all away.

Understandably, you are not feeling great when tossing out piles of items that were decorating your living space the day before. You would rather see them used again by someone who needs it. Hence, choose one of the options you see fit and set your mind at ease. On the other hand, if you do not like any of the solutions we provided, you can always rent a storage unit and keep everything for better days to come.

And that was it now you know how to inspect, pinpoint, and get rid of junk before your move. It won’t be easy for sure. Especially with items of sentimental value. Hopefully, you will have enough space to keep those. Just be decisive and remember that decluttering will keep your new home clean, you’ll have more space, and you can buy a few new pieces if you like. Take care.




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