How to keep your computer equipment safe when moving to Suffern

Suffern is a suburb of New York City. It is in Rockland County and is one of the best places to live in New York. Living in Suffern gives an urban/suburban mix vibe. Most residents own their homes. Renting popularity is significantly lower than in other neighborhoods in this part of the States.  There are a lot of parks and restaurants. Many retirees and young professionals live in Suffern. Therefore, if you are one of the professionals moving to this peaceful neighborhood, feel free to hire Slattery Moving and Storage and they will also be able to help you with the way how to keep your computer equipment safe when moving to Suffern. Political views are moderate.

In order to keep your computer equipment safe when moving to Suffern you need to make a plan

Fortunately, there are multiple detailed steps to ensure that your valuable equipment stays safe and secure during the relocation process. Whether you are moving the large desktop computers, their parts or cords, up to small laptop computers there are many different parts you need to think about. Make your life easier and do a bit of research online about movers Suffern NY and choose the most suitable company for you. Here is how a plan can look like:

  • if you have a desktop, make sure to find a way
  • prepare necessary moving supplies
  • use original packaging if possible
  • don’t forget peripheral components
You can keep your computer equipment safe when moving to Suffern, by following step by step plan

If you have a desktop, make sure to keep your computer equipment safe when moving to Suffern

Start by padding the container with a thick bubble layer, as this will absorb all potential blows and sudden movements during transit.  Then, you should continue by wrapping the tower with paper and multiple bubble wraps. Make sure to check out the additional packing supplies you will need also. The most important thing though is not to tape directly over the PC case, because it is very difficult to remove the residue later. When you wrap it, lower the case in the box in the upright position.

Prepare necessary moving supplies

First things first, if you feel overwhelmed, go online and search for local movers Rockland County, if you need additional help. Unlike other items, wrapping your PC will require a lot more different materials. Computers are both expensive and fragile. Therefore, try not to save on supplies, or you might end up spending a lot more money on repairs. You will need bubble wrap, packing paper, peanuts, and small Ziploc bags.  Towels, blankets, and clothes can also be helpful.

Use original packaging if possible

It is definitely always better to keep the computer in its original packaging. A PC tower and monitor fit perfectly in the original boxes. In that way, they are providing more than enough security while saving some space also. In case you threw away the original boxes, just make sure to measure all components and additional parts. Just make sure that you contact some of the  best companies if you need additional packing help. Also, boxes should not be much bigger than the items.

Use appropriate packing supplies in order to keep your computer equipment safe when moving to Suffern

Don’t forget the peripheral components

Your mouse, keyboard, and sound system are some of the most basic peripheral components. Of course, there is also a Wi-Fi router, a webcam, printer, or scanner. Be careful with power cords and chargers also. You can use different colored sticky notes to label which cable belongs where. Make sure to keep the individual cords from tangling by using binder clips or even rubber bands.

All in all, packing the computer equipment is not easy at all. Just make sure to follow all the tricks and tips. Also, make sure to do your research about the best ways to pack your desktop and similar items. It is a bit challenging, but not impossible, so good luck!





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