How to keep your plants healthy during a move?

When relocating, people have so many things on their minds. However, the most important one is definitely staying healthy and keeping everyone else healthy. Still, it’s not guaranteed if you’re not moving with someone reliable on your side. Nevertheless, we can take care of that for you. If you let Slattery Moving & Storage NY handle your relocation, you will ensure a stress-free move. Moreover, we are here today to help you move with ease and to let you know how you can keep your plants healthy during a move. Stay with us to learn more.

How to prepare for your relocation and stay sane at the same time?

Tackling both things at the same time is possible. We would like to help you not only prepare for your relocation with ease but move like that as well. In order to take two birds with one stone, you need to be assertive from the start. This means you need to think proactively and do your best to start preparing months in advance. That will, among other things, ensure a stress-free relocation. Anyway, you need to do some things as well if you want to avoid getting in trouble when moving. For instance, you need a reputable moving company such as moving companies White Plains NY to help you move with ease. They will not only help you move with ease but will also turn your relocation into a joyous endeavor.

House plants on a shelf
Some plants require more care than others.

We will list a few things to keep in mind and handle before you start your move. You should keep a list by your hand to ensure an easy relocation. Here is what we mean by that:

  • Hire a reputable moving company and set a moving date – This is the first thing you need to do. Alright, the second. But, finding a reliable moving company you can trust is fairly difficult. That’s why we made sure you needn’t look further. Our moving companies Westchester county will help you move in no time.
  • Set a firm moving budget and stick to it – It’s important to reiterate this because you can’t afford to go over the budget. It will make long-term problems which you definitely want to avoid. By the way, this is the first thing on the list.
  • Contact your utility provider – Another essential thing is definitely this one. Call providers to reinstall your utilities once you relocate. Don’t get tangled in it on your own.
  • Update and change all your essential documents – Change your address in all your documents. For instance, you can’t keep your old address in your ID or driver’s license.

Prepare your essentials when moving

To be honest, everyone has their essentials box when moving. You should have one as well. It consists of various things and you should always keep it close to you. We mean, keep it close throughout the relocation of course. Therefore, here is what you need to pack in your essentials box:

  • Toilet paper/tissues
  • (Healthy) snacks and water bottles
  • First aid kit
  • Pet food
  • Scissors to open bags
  • Wet wipes and soap
  • Coffee/tea
Girl holding a big bag while sitting
Keep your bag with all your essentials by your side in order to keep your plants healthy during a move.

Do you know how to keep your plants healthy during a move?

We came to the main part of the story – how to keep your plants healthy during a move. It’s actually very possible and not that hard at all. Since you decided to move your plants with you, it means you’re a caring person. Therefore, you can already tell you will handle your plants with special care. First of all, you need to create fair conditions under which you will move your plants. Therefore, your plants need to be isolated from toxins yet exposed to oxygen somehow. Here is how to accomplish it:

  • Compromise is sometimes the best solution – You can’t transport your plants via trucks or similar vehicles. It would be good to rent a bigger car and transport your plants along with you.
  • Replace the pots – You should remove plants from pots and put them in plastic holders. From then on, you can pack your pots and protect them in bubble wrap, etc.
  • Check the regulations – This means you need to do your research. Your plants won’t survive if you’re trying to move them to a place that forbids them. Be smart.
  • Be gentle – Your plants are not inanimate objects. You need to handle them with proper care at all times. This goes with the first tip.

Is keeping your plants healthy during a move a myth or a possibility?

As you can see, keeping your plants healthy during a move is not that hard. Although it takes some special care and dedication, you can rest assured they will survive. You will handle them responsibly. However, if you’re still worried about the safety of your plants, our packing professionals NY will take care of your plants. They will pack them like pros and will do whatever it takes to keep your plants safe.

Woman planting in her backyard
You can, later on, plant something new in your future backyard!

Also, be sure to prevent your plants from exposing to any toxins. When relocating, they can be exposed to gas and diesel which is not that harmful. But, it can be if you expose them in the long run. That’s why it’s good to keep an eye on the detail. That’s very important. After you move to your new house, you can think of some new small backyard ideas on the budget. You will probably love them.

Getting ready to move with ease

Finally, we told you basically all you need to know to keep your plants healthy during a move. It’s time to move on to some other things that are related to settling in your new home with your family. You will see that new beginnings are the best especially if you’re sharing them with your loved ones. Nevertheless, make sure you contact us in case you need to relocate to another place with ease. And yes, we handle plants with utmost care. Don’t worry.





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