How to move mirrors long-distance?

Do you want to move mirrors long-distance, but you’re not quite sure how to do it safely? Don’t worry – Slattery Moving & Storage will help you ensure the safety of your fragile items. Every relocation poses its own challenges, but most often, the ones that will appear in almost any relocation will be connected to the transport of heavy and fragile items. That’s why you should get educated on the matter and make sure to provide the best possible protection to sensitive items. Transporting such items is often a big source of stress. To make this process as stress-free as possible, keep on reading!

Clean the mirrors before you pack them

Whatever item you want to relocate, step number one to doing so is to clean it. You never know if you’ll change your mind mid-relocation and decide to store your items in some of the best storage Miami offers. Maybe you won’t unpack it for a long time. That’s one of the main reasons why you should opt to clean your items – the oils and dirt that accumulate on them can affect the speed of their deterioration. Moreover, you won’t want to bring dusty items to your new forever home, right? Grab the damp cloth and glass/mirror cleaning chemicals and get started. Clean both the frame and the mirror, and don’t forget about the back part that has usually accumulated even more dust than the front.

woman cleaning the mirror
Clean the mirrors with a damp cloth and chemicals designed specifically for mirrors.


Remove the frame

Disassembling will help any Maine to Florida movers can offer, because that way you separate the fragile and non-fragile parts in different packing boxes. It also lessens the mass of the single box that the movers will have to carry, and ensures additional protection. You may be wondering why disassembling protects items more. That’s because it allows you to pack each part of an item properly and take care of its most sensitive parts. Usually, when you move mirrors long-distance, if they have a big bulky frame, you remove it to protect both the mirror and the frame. That way, you can place more bubble wrap around the mirror itself.

Get the high-quality packing materials

The next step to moving mirrors long-distance is to procure the packing materials. It’s only logical that you want the best packing materials for your items, in order to ensure maximum protection and have a successful relocation. To get the materials and move mirrors long-distance, you can:

  • Get the packing materials from movers. This method is one of the most often-used ones in the moving industry. Usually, the moving companies can estimate how much pacing materials you need very well and help you choose appropriate ones.
  • Rent the materials. If you’re the kind of person that would procrastinate your unpacking process, it’s time to rent the materials from the moving company. That way, you’ll have a deadline for unpacking, and even better – you won’t have to think of what to do with all the numerous boxes and leftover materials since the moving company will take care of that.
packing materials
Invest in high-quality packing materials, and don’t forget the corner protections!
  • Buy them online! The moving materials can be easily procured online. This option is convenient for those that don’t want to load their vehicle, but that would rather have the materials shipped directly at their address.
  • Go to the store yourself. That way, you’ll be able to see and touch materials and make decisions on the spot. If you’re not sure about which materials you should get, you will also have help from the knowledgeable people that work in the store, which can be very convenient. This option might require a vehicle that will have enough space for you to transport those items back.

To move mirrors long-distance, pack them properly

Are you ready to finally pack your mirrors and move mirrors long-distance without worry? If so, let’s dig in!

  1. Remove the frame from the mirror if you haven’t done that already. Clean the inside of the frame and the margins of the mirrors.
  2. Place an X with the tape over the mirror. If the mirror is big, you can add a little bit more lines over it, but make sure they’re connected. That will stop the mirror parts from getting all over the vehicle in the case that the mirror breaks.
  3. Tape the cardboard sheet that’s the same size as the mirror, on both sides of the mirror to protect it.
  4. Wrap the mirror in a layer of glassine. You can do that with the frame as well if the frame is sensitive to scratches. Glassine is a little bit pricey, but a convenient and necessary way to protect fragile items from dirt and scratches.
  5. Place the corner protections on the mirror, and wrap it in two layers of bubble wrap.
  6. If you need to protect the protruding parts of the frame, use the sponge. After you protect the protruding parts, wrap the whole frame in two layers of bubble wrap.
  7. Pack the mirror and the frame in two separate boxes. They should be slightly bigger than the mirror and the frame, just enough that they both can fit but can’t move a lot – only slightly. If there’s too much space, fill it in with the packing peanuts, but don’t overdo it.
move mirrors long-distance
Move mirrors long-distance safely with the professional help of Slattery Moving & Storage!

To move mirrors long-distance, rely on help!

When we’re dealing with any complicated task, having help can mean a lot in terms of mental and physical health. To get help, you can either ask your friends and family to help you with packing and heavy lifting, or you can rely on professional movers. They will know exactly how to handle your fragile items and how to move mirrors long-distance safely. If you think that a stress-free move isn’t possible – give us a call and let us prove to you otherwise! Book a stress-free move today!




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