How to pack and move your book collection

For book lovers, their books have a special value. They would like to keep them all. Still, when you move, you have to leave some of them behind. Not an easy task. So, it is best to start sorting them early. Before you start to pack and move your book collection, check your bookshelves. Do not rush. There will be some books you are not so fond of. Take them out and let them rest a day or two. Instead of feeling sorry, remind yourself that these books were just collecting dust. And someone else will be happy to have them. Once you complete packing Slattery Moving & Storage NY, will move them to your new location.

A woman in a blue dress stands with a book in her hand, ready to move your book collection and her head is bowed and around her are bookshelves shrouded in clouds.
Instead of feeling sorry for parting from your books, think differently when move your book collection.

What to do with the books you are living behind when move your book collection?

There are several options. Instead of feeling sorry for parting from your books, think differently. See them as finding their new homes. And think about people. Those who wanted but could not afford them before. So, you can:

  • Call your family and ask if they would like some of the extra books
  • Invite your friends and offer them to choose from surplus books
  • Donate them to a library, or charity center if convenient
  • Organize a yard sale, and make some neighbors and passers-by happy

This will give you a feeling that books from your collection are in good hands. And make you satisfied.

The best ways to pack and move your book collection

It is time to prepare your book collection for the move. At this point, people realize how many different sizes they come in. So, the good idea is to sort them by size. As a result of sorting, you will see how many moving boxes you need. And what other packing supplies you need to pack your books properly. Only properly packed books will reach your new place without damage.

Do not overload your moving boxes

Most of the books are heavy. Thus, it is better to take smaller boxes. Once filled with books, properly sealed and labeled, they will be easy to carry. If you take big boxes, they will be too heavy to move. And they can fall apart. Or, putting fewer books in, you will be transporting “a lot of air”. So, choose well.

White wooden table, with a white pot and flowers, a metal coffee cup and a wire basket containing books.
Arrange your books the way you will feel relaxed and settled.

Your emergency reading material

For a book lover, it is hard to be deprived of reading. Even for few days. Choose some light books. And those that will relax you. Keep them in the moving day survival kit. All is organized well. All your things are ready for the move. Your book collection is safely packed. Now it is time to call residential movers New York.

Unpacking your books and organizing your new home

The moving company, in charge to move your book collection, has completed the job. You are in your new place. Now is time to unpack. And arrange your personal belongings. Only this way, you will make the home atmosphere. And arranging your books is an especially relaxing task for you. There are many moving tips recommending how to handle book moving and arranging. You can consult them. Or just follow your intuition. So, arrange your books the way you will feel relaxed and settled.    





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