How to pack and store shoes

When it comes to footwear it is certain that there are two types of people. There are people who have a large shoe collection that is neatly stored in the closet. And there are people who have a chaotic pile of shoes in their closet. It doesn’t matter which group you belong to as when it comes to moving you will have to pack them properly. Whether you are moving or reorganizing storage in your home there are some simple tricks on how to pack and store shoes. Here are some tips on how to organize your shoes and protect them from any damages.

Products for cleaning shoes
Before you pack your shoes make sure to clean them properly

Reduce your shoes collection

If you are preparing for the relocation before you find one of the best moving companies Rockland County NY has it is important to select staff that you will bring with you. Before you start packing organize your shoes and downsize if necessary. We all have pair of shoes that we are keeping for many years in our closets but we never wear them. There is no reason to fill up the space in your new apartment with unnecessary staff when you can donate them or give them as a gift to one of your friends. Also, you can organize a garage sale or sell your shoes online. That way you will reorganize your shoe inventory and get extra cash for your relocation.

Before you pack and store shoes make sure to clean them

One of the most important things that you should do before packing and storing your shoes is to clean them properly. Make sure to remove dirt from the shoes clean them and wipe them properly, and let them dry out before storing them. If you store shoes with moisture there is a risk of mold which can damage your shoes. Also, if there are any unpleasant odors in any pair place them in a plastic bag and store the plastic bag in the freezer. The cold temperatures will kill any bacteria that creates the odor. To keep your shoes fresh you can place tea bags inside them or use shoe powder.

Stuff shoes with socks or crumpled paper

Now when you have selected shoes that you will take with you and clean properly, it is time to pack them. Whether you are moving long-distance or using local movers Rockland county it is important to protect your shoes and prepare them for transportation. In order to keep the shape of your shoes, especially boots, place crumpled packing paper inside of them. Also, you can fill them with your socks. This way your shoes will be protected from losing shape and you will save space in your moving boxes. Do not use newspapers or any colored paper instead of crumpled packing paper, as this can they can leave a stain on your footwear.

Sneakers in the box as example of how to pack and store shoes
Pack your shoes in their original boxes

Place your shoes in the original box

Since shoes are not the first thing that you will unpack in your new home it is essential that they are packed in the proper box. The best place to store your shoes is to place them in their original boxes. This way you will be sure that your shoes are in good condition even if you unpack them after a couple of months. This is especially important for seasonal footwear such as boots. Apart from a few months a year, it is likely that you will keep your boots in the boxes for the rest of the year.

Use proper packing materials

If you don’t have original boxes for your shoes make sure to have proper and quality packing materials. Like already mentioned do not use colored papers to warp your shoes as this can damage them. Also, avoid using plastic bags to place your footwear inside. They tend to keep moist which can ruin your shoes permanently. Instead, invest in packing services and supplies as this will protect your shoes. Do not try to save money on quality packing supplies as this will prevent you from having to buy new sneakers or boots. 

How to store shoes properly

In case you decide to do the packing by yourself make sure to place your shoes properly into the boxes. Whether you are using movers Orangeburg NY or any other movers it is important to prepare boxes for them to pick them up and load in the truck. To pack shoes properly and avoid any damages make sure to:

  • Separate shoes that you are not currently using and load those boxes first
  • Pack heavier shoes on the bottom of the boxes or containers and lighter on the top; this will prevent shoes from losing shape and crashing; also it will be easier to carry boxes
  • Lastly, make sure to pack shoes on its sides; that way your footwear will not lose its shape

    Shoes in the closet
    Plan how you are going to pack and store shoes in your apartment

Store shoes in your new apartment

After the relocation, you will need to unpack and organize your home. Certainly, many belongings need to be unpacked first. But once you start unpacking your shoes pay attention to storing them properly in your new apartment. Take advantage of the fact that your shoes are already arranged into boxes. Before you start unpacking make sure to plan ahead where will you place your shoes and what is the most efficient way to store them in the closet. This will give you more space and your closet will be more organized.

Without any doubt, we always try to take good care of all our belongings. However, if you take good care of your shoes you will be able to use them for many years. For that reason be careful how you pack and store shoes and make sure they don’t get damaged.





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