How to prepare clothes for storage

In everyday life, we are always preparing something. We always think of ways to make our lives easier and more organized. Whether is something big special in our life or something small and ordinary, we aspire to organize it the way we like. Usually, we are not prepared for some situations in our lives, but we still want to be prepared. You are moving or you just need to find storage Nanuet NYIf we can’t be prepared for something big and unexpected, we can prepare clothes for storage. Starting from little things in life is the best start for every situation.

hanging clothes
Prepare clothes for storage in the best possible way!

Plan storage and see what you need to keep

When you are moving, you need to plan everything, time, method, way of packing. When moving from NY to NC, you will probably have the option to use storage for your belongings also. The storage option is useful, it could save space and help you create a new area for the new home where are you going to live. You can use storage seasonally, especially when it comes to clothes. When you don’t use winter clothes, you can put them in storage. The same is with summer clothes. There is an option to store baby clothes, if you have a plan to expand family more, you can keep the clothes from the before, etc. Preparing clothes for storage is simple when you have some tips up your sleeve. Before you start it is best to see what you need to keep before packing.

A little about decluttering

Especially if you are in process of moving, decluttering is a must-have thing.

Decluttering is generally healthy; we are used to be surrounded by extra stuff that we don’t need. So, when you declutter, it opens new options for the future and you won’t be having too much of your belongings to move to the new house. Lesser stuff to move – more time to gain. This is the part where you don’t need to think too much. Just decide on the first thought what you need and what you don’t.

Throw away, give away, or donate everything you can

The rest of the stuff pack. Even if you think that you will be going to need something one day, maybe you won’t. It is not the end of the world, even if you have thrown something you going to need, probably it is replaceable. The important and non-replaceable things will not be thrown away or given in the first place, a person knows at the moment is it important. The stuff that you are not sure about is the trickiest one.

colorful storage containers that looks like roller-coaster
Try to have fun organizing storage space!

How to prepare clothes for storage

For example, if you are moving to Nanuet, Slattery Moving and Storage has some tips & tricks that can make moving easier. In the case of preparing your staff for storage, like there are tips for moving part, there is also for preparation how to pack and store. It is easier to pack furniture for storage because is less sensitive than clothes. On the other hand, when it comes to saving space, packing clothes is more fun.

Preparing clothes

  • Wash all clothes
  • Iron it
  • See what you can fold and what to hang – separate
  • Make a list if you don’t want to forget what you put in storage – if it is on long terms storage.

Organize all of the clothes

  • By type – separate winter and summer clothes. If you want, you can go one step further and separate by type even more. All pants on one side, all t-shirts on the other, etc.
  • Don’t mix fabrics – it will be easier to pack delicate fabric from less delicate, and that way also you will avoid ruining the fabric.
  • Packing ways – Hang, Fold, Roll – It is better to hang clothes that are sensitive and delicate (blazers, blouses, button-ups, dresses, dress pants, easily wrinkled clothing, etc.); Folding stuff or rolling (Leggings, Pants, Stretchy clothing, Sweaters, T-shirts, Underwear, etc.) – depending on the space, folding takes lesser space, but rolling is gentler with fabrics, and doesn’t leave folding marks.
  • Separate heavier clothes from the lighter ones – if you are going to put heavy and light ones in the same box – put the heavy fabrics on the bottom.

    box with
    Separate winter clothes from summer clothes!

Avoid ruining clothes

  • Silica gel or something similar – use silica gel for avoiding possible moisture problem 
  • Avoid direct sunlight – this is a lesser possible situation in case of storage, but still, light can damage colors and fabric if it is too long exposed to it.
  • Cedar chips or cedar essential oil – use something for avoiding pests problem

Packing your clothes for storage

  • Plastic, clear bins – These are maybe the best ones for packing. They are see-through so you can easier find something if needed, and it is better for avoiding moisture and pests. On the other hand, there is less air for the clothes to maintain freshness.
  • Plastic bags or zip-up bags – better for short-term storage, good for avoiding moisture also, but no so good for storage because it is harder to organize and move around bags.
  • Boxes – non-plastic is better for clothes to breathe, but moisture and pests are more likely to make the problem.
  • Vacuum bags – maybe on short-term storage, it is good for saving space, but as we said – air is important for maintaining newness and quality of clothes
  • Wardrobe boxes – great for clothes that need to be hanged.

Find what you need and make a great plan

So, when you need to move and at the same time storage, the best is to research movers Nanuet NY. Find a moving company that can help you with both. At least we can organize and plan things like packing and moving. In life, we can’t be prepared for everything, but we can always have tidy clothes and wardrobes. We can have a home and house as we want. Even if that isn’t all we want, we can organize our life with what we get every day.




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