How to provide a move-out notice to your landlord

When you are a subtenant, naturally, there will come time for you to relocate. After making that decision there are some steps you need to follow before leaving your current apartment or house. You can not just call a moving company, such as Slattery Moving & Storage, to move you out. There are some proper legal steps that you need to follow to inform your landlord that you are not going to renew your lease. It is nothing too complicated, but you should be informed about a proper way to provide a move-out notice to your landlord. Whether you’ve done it before or no, it is always good to double-check and be informed about legal actions that should be taken in these circumstances.

When is the right time to provide a move-out notice to your landlord?

To allow your landlord to find new tenants, you should let him or her know you have decided to relocate. Depending on terms in your tenancy agreement and the specific tenant low is the advance time for move-out notice. To sum up, the longer the lease term, the more notice you as a tenant must give. There are different types of agreements between tenant and landlord, but having the written one is always the best option. Speaking of validity time, there are yearly leases, month-to-month, and week-to-week agreements. For example, if you have a month-to-month agreement it is desirable to give your notice 30 days before the planned moving out date. Keep in mind that you might require storage Nanuet NY while relocating process lasts.

Time is important factor when you are preparing to relocate and give your landlord a move-out notice
Know the right time for giving move out notice

What to include in your written notice before moving out

While preparing for relocation you need to think about various things. Starting with packing for a move is the perfect time to declutter. This is where junk removal Rockland County NY might be handy to have. Having this kind of help might save you some time you can use for composing a move-out letter. Before writing anything, you should check the tenant agreement to see if there is an item that explains the moving-out procedure. Also, don’t forget to check your state laws about a move-out notice. Once you have all the necessary information, you can start with putting up your notice for your landlord. Your written document should include the following data:

  • The exact date when the document is written
  • Your landlord’s name
  • Address of property and unit number
  • A written statement with your desire to move out of the apartment or house
  • Desired move-out date you must include in move-out a notice to your landlord
  • Security deposit returning according to State Law
  • Future address with contact details
  • Your signature

This document doesn’t have to be written in a special form, just write it as any other letter.

Leave your apartment the same way as was when you moved in

Try not to give your landlord a headache with messing his property and don’t go into the trouble of having to fix something after you move out. To make sure everything is fine, make an arrangement with landlords for a visit, so they can inspect the property and see if there is anything that needs maintaining. By using residential moving NY services, you can be sure that there will be no trouble with damaging the walls while carrying furniture or bulky stuff of yours. Any damage can cause losing your security deposit and you don’t want that. Ensuring stress-free moving should be your top priority, but still, you should pay attention to details and respect your landlord’s property.

Maintenance is important step of moving houses
Make sure to do all the maintenance before giving move out notice to your landlord

Inform about tenant’s rights

We don’t want to go into your reasons for moving out. We only want you to be completely informed about your tenant’s rights and obligations. With all the stress and chaos that moving out can cause we want to ensure that you don’t forget any of the important steps of moving out. It is easy to let something slip your mind while you have a lot to think about. When writing a move-out notice to your landlord, make sure that you are cold-headed and calm and include all the important data in it.




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