Moving from White Plains to Miami: pros and cons

There are many things we can talk about when we mention Miami. Good parties, warm weather, great beaches, great food. There are many more reasons why people want to relocate here. But, the decision to relocate to Miami should not be made easily. You should see all the pros and cons of moving from White Plains to Miami. Do not worry that you will not be able to handle everything. You will easily find a professional moving company and that is not something you should think about right now. The most important question here is whether you should do it at all! Read the article and find whether Miami is the right city for you!

Pros of moving from White Plains to Miami

  • No taxes
  • Great weather
  • Plenty of things to do

No taxes

This was not on your pro list of relocating to Miami from White Plains, we are sure. But, it should be. The good thing about living in Miami is the fact that you are not going to pay state taxes. You will only have to pay for federal ones. If we compare this with most other places where you do, this is such a bonus of living here. You will not have to pay estate taxes, inheritance income, retirement taxes, income taxes, etc. Due to the fact that life in Miami is not that cheap, this will certainly be welcomed!

Great weather

Now comes the reason why many people love Miami, the weather! You do not have to watch the weather forecast in order to know what to wear. The weather is great all year long and there will be very few chances when you will have to wear something warmer. Of course, people who do not like hot weather will not even consider moving to Miami. But, if you want it and want to wear as few clothes as you can, then this city is for you!

palm trees - Moving from White Plains to Miami
Experience great weather all year long!

Plenty of things to do

Another pro of moving from White Plains to Miami is the fact that there are a lot of things that you can do. Diversity is big and therefore, there will be a lot of different cultural things that you can see and do. People are friendly in the city of Miami and you should not have too many problems adapting. You can pick what you want to do and who with because there are just so many things that you can do to have fun. If this is something that is important for your life, then you have found the perfect city!

Cons of moving from While Plains to Miami

  • Expensive
  • Hot climate
  • Insects


Before you start looking for moving companies from NY to FL due to the fact that you are not paying taxes, wait! Other costs in Miami are pretty high and that is something that you should have in mind. Even though there are some neighborhoods that are cheaper, it is still much higher than in the other cities. The costs of living in Miami are about 10% over the national average. If this is something that you can support, then go for it!

Miami is not a cheap city to live in

Hot climate

We have mentioned great weather in Miami. You can always know that it will be warm all year long. But, that can sometimes be overwhelming, especially in summer. No matter how much you like the sun, it is not pleasant when it is too hot outside. Most of the days you will have to use air conditioning because it can become unbearable. That can cause you to pay for the higher electric bill.


Most people hate insects. They are small and can crawl into any narrow crack. Well, Miami is full of them and you should expect that. They can show up in every location you are. If you are not fond of insects and hate being around them, then think again whether Miami is the right choice for you. Also, to sum this up, insects can be pretty big due to their natural environment.

a fly
Florida is full of different kinds of insects

Do you still want to relocate to Miami from White Plains?

If you still want to move to Miami, you can start making plans slowly. Since you are moving long-distance, you will need reliable and experienced moving companies White Plains NY. They should have enough knowledge to pull this off. It can seem like an easy task but it is not. It is hard and you need professional people by your side to support you!

Also, you want the company to be affordable. The good thing is that most movers are affordable nowadays and you should not have too many problems. In order to find affordable movers in NY, you should use the internet to your advantage. You should check the moving company from top to bottom. This is best done by checking their license, previous experience, moving reviews, etc. In order to find out whether the company is good or not, moving reviews are what you are looking for. You will have the chance to see the experiences of the company’s previous customers.

Miami is one of the most popular cities in the world. If we started to look into every single reason for this, we would need a lot of papers to write everything down. But, every story has two sides and Miami is no exception! That means that there are some bad things that you should better acknowledge before the move. If you move and regret it, it is already too late. It is always better to inform yourself to the fullest in order to make the correct call. Our goal here was not to cheer you up to move or to prevent you from moving from White Plains to Miami. Our goal was to give you all the information that you need so that you could make a decision based on your preferences and facts, not on your thoughts about something. Calculate carefully and decide!




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