Moving in with your partner – how to downsize

Living together with your partner can be a fairytale, but only if you both understand the needs of each other.  Sharing space can also cause some difficulties, starting from items to be stored and who gets the larger closet. Not to mention moving to longer distances where things can get complicated even more. As being one of the most experienced out of all moving companies Rockland County NY, we would like to share the following tips on how moving in with your partner can be smooth and relaxing.

Moving in with your partner and setting your new apartment
Starting a life together with your partner can be an exciting moment.

Begin as soon as possible

You should begin downsizing as soon as possible so that you have the time to look through your home without becoming overwhelmed.  You will not only get a head start on the downsizing process, but you can also maintain your home clear of clutter and unnecessary items and make packing your stuff easier. There are many organizational approaches that you can use. For example:

  • One-A-Day method: Let go of one item per day or the number of items that corresponds to the date (i.e. giving away 10 items on the 10th of a given month).
  • With the KonMari Method: Take on clutter by category (clothing, paper/books, sentimental items).

Focus on one room at a time

Moving in with your partner is an enjoyable time.  However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the prospect of decluttering or organizing your entire home, so remember to do it one step at a time. If you divide the process into smaller, more manageable initiatives, you’ll be more likely to finish it. To keep on track, avoid becoming overwhelmed. Develop a plan or timetable broken down by area or smaller jobs inside a room. Even if you are moving somewhere in the County, like Orangeburg, it is essential to start on time. Movers Orangeburg NY recommends some of the things you should complete one at a time:

  • reduce the amount of clothing in your closet,
  • organize your kitchen’s appliances,
  • compare your things with your partner’s to avoid double items, etc.
A man and a woman organizing stuff
A well-designed and detailed plan is needed to minimize stress when moving in with your partner.

Set clear decluttering ground rules

It may become easier to make exceptions here and there once you begin going through your belongings. Before you realize it, all you’ve done is shift stuff from one location to another. Sticking to a firm set of ground rules and options for organizing your products is the best way to avoid this. An example of a common set of options is:

Ask for help if needed

If you ask some of our local movers Rockland County, they will definitely share some tips for moving in with your partner, and point you in the right direction. Bring in some help if you believe any steps of the downsizing and relocating processes are above your ability, or you don’t have the time. You may start by reaching out to a professional organizer, like we are, who could be well worth your money if you’re having trouble obtaining and staying organized.




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