Moving to Nanuet: tips & tricks

Moving is stressful, takes time and it is impossible to balance with the day-to-day work. It looks impossible to make it easier. Especially, with all the packing, cleaning, and generally preparing for the relocation. If you on top of it all also have to find a storage Suffern NY, it is enough to cause anxiety to any sane person. However, before you give up on moving to Nanuet, here are a few tips that will help you. Once you try them, you will not be disappointed. They will help you speed up the process and have a worry-free move.

Before moving to Nanuet gather secondhand boxes

Often people give up on moving to Nanuet because it is not cheap. Not only do you have to spend money on the movers and storage Nanuet NY, but also on all the packing materials. However, there is a simple hack that will help you move within your budget. Instead of buying new cardboard boxes, use secondhand ones. Go to the shops and bars and ask them to save you some. Usually, by the end of the day, they have plenty that they are just waiting to throw away. Also, you can try visiting the recycling drop-off point. But be careful which ones you choose. Always check if they are wet or damp because if they are it can damage the items inside. Likewise, do not overweight them. Most of them are not as durable as the new ones.

woman holding a box
Secondhand boxes are cheaper and you can use them multiple times

You will have an easier relocation to Nanuet if you declutter first

The best way to save time when moving is to have fewer items to pack. Also, it will help you long-term to get rid of some of your belongings. Particularly if you lived in your home for a long time and you have accumulated a lot of stuff. Start by going through your home, and removing everything broken, damaged, or too old. Put it all in separate boxes. You do not have to professionally pack them. They are useful for transportation to the nearby charity where you can donate them. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to raise some money for your move. Organize a yard sale and invite all your friends and neighbors. However, do not wait too long to advertise the event. Do it a week in advance so more people can hear about it.


Have a cheaper relocation by asking multiple companies for quotes

Never choose the first moving company that you find. Because you never know if the next one will give you a more affordable offer. So the best way to do it is to ask several residential movers for quotes and compare the prices. Also, take a look at their customer’s reviews. Google is the best platform for this because they do not delete the bad ones. Secondly, always check if they are licensed and insured. This way, if anything happens and something gets damaged, you will get compensation. Another good idea is to ask friends and family who recently moved if they recommend their moving company. If you trust their opinion, there is no better referral. Likewise, movers who send a person to take a look at all your belongings before they give you the price are professionals.

hands counting money
Moving to Nanuet does not have to be expensive if you take time to find affordable movers

Choose carefully the moving date

A lot of people do not realize that there is a peak season when everybody moves. During spring and summer, it is when everybody wants to relocate because the weather is great. You should avoid these days because the prices of the moving companies go up. And in this case, if you compare them to winter moving, they can double. So plan ahead and take some vacation days during late autumn or winter to move. Also, never move on weekends when nobody is working and uses them to relocate. Instead, choose the middle of the week. Likewise, schedule the middle of the month s first and the last week are quite popular. If you are unable to use these dates and the only possibility is summer, book a Slattery Moving & Storage month in advance. They will have lot more free dates during peak season, and you might get an affordable quote.

Make sure you label all your boxes prior to relocating to Nanuet

Once all your belongings safely arrive at your new home, it is time to unpack. Unfortunately, once you start opening boxes, you realize you have no idea where is what. So if you are looking for one specific thing, you will spend hours and not find it. However, do not worry, there is a simple trick that will save you from wasting time and energy. When you start packing your home, you need to label all the boxes. But do not wait to do it, or you will forget what is inside. Therefore as soon as you finish with one box, write on it a list of all the items inside. Or just the name of the room they belong in. Also, you can color-code them with sticky notes. Assign every room a specific color, so you do not have to read what is on each box.

woman writing on a box
It is easier to relocate to Nanuet if you properly label all the boxes

Moving to Nanuet has never been this easy

With these tips, you will finish moving to Nanuet in no time. However, take some time to plan the relocations and do not forget any step. Firstly declutter your home, so you have fewer things to pack. You can donate all your old stuff to a charitable organization. Likewise, do not use new boxes, but gather secondhand ones from your friends. Also, ask a few moving companies for their quotes and compare them. But avoid those that give you the price before seeing how much work there is. Additionally, do not forget to label all the boxes. That way, you can quickly find what you are looking for. In the end, whether you are hiring professional movers or attempting a DIY move, these tips will save you time and money.




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