NY to NC Movers

Cross-country moves are generally considered to be the most difficult – both to organize and execute. Aside from standard chores that are a part of every relocation, you also have a long journey to contend with. When you add paperwork required to move across the states, you have a recipe for a stressful endeavor. This is why, when you’re moving from NY to NC you need to have a reliable team by your side. One comprised of trained and experienced individuals – people that can guide you through the process, and allow you to avoid complications. And Slattery Moving & Storage is that kind of team. Give us a call and turn your relocation into an exhilarating experience.

A lake surrounded by greenery
After the move with Slattery Moving and Storage, you’ll have enough energy to explore the breathtaking landscapes of North Carolina.

25+ years of experience, at your disposal

Our experts have been helping residents of the tri-state area transition to their new lives for well over 25 years. During this time, our services evolved as our knowledge grew. And we’re not stopping there. We keep improving every aspect of our business to bring you a better moving experience.

  • We work hard to keep pace with the ever-changing industry standards.
  • Our movers undergo training to improve their efficiency. This also improves the effectiveness of our services. To the extent where they become true time and energy savers.
  • We keep our equipment, fleet, and facilities in impeccable condition. Furthermore, we use every opportunity we have to upgrade and improve them.

Everything mentioned serves one purpose. To bring you a better, more enjoyable relocation experience.

Save your resources when moving from NY to NC

Each relocation is unique in its own right. Every household or business is different and specific. Individual requirements differ, as do the need for a custom-tailored approach to problematics. In a sense, it’s not just important to see your move through. It is critical to do it the right way. This means that you need movers who can take care of your relocation by saving your:

  • Time – so you can rest and prepare for the move and focus on activities you enjoy.
  • Energy – so you’ll be ready to enjoy and explore your new environment, the moment you settle in.
  • Money – so you don’t have to struggle after the move.

Slattery Moving unites all the above, to bring you the ultimate moving experience. With us, you can count on a relocation that will perfectly suit your individual needs.

Businessman cheering while looking at the phone
Our services will let you preserve time, energy, and money when moving from NY to NC.

Affordability and exceptional service make us your prime choice

The defining trait of our moving services is the combination of efficiency and affordability. We will work with you to find the perfect solution for your moving needs. And all that without breaking your budget. Thus, you only need to choose a service, or combination that suits you:

Move your home or office with equal efficiency

Residential and commercial relocations differ in their essence. Still, they do have one thing in common: they both need to be done swiftly and safely. This is especially important for undertakings of great magnitude. And moving from NY to NC certainly falls under this category. This is why we are the best choice for this venture. We focus on speed and efficiency, without sacrificing quality or risking the safety of your belongings.

Our storage services are the definition of convenience

Keeping your home and office neat and tidy is extremely important for your well-being. Still, excess belongings can pile up in certain areas. You might designate them as “temporary” storage. But, at a certain point, they just become another chore, as you need to declutter and tidy them up all over again. So, why not avoid all that hustle?

You can save time and energy while keeping your living or working space immaculate. As with all our services, Slattery Moving elevates storage solutions to a higher level. When you enlist our help, we will come to your place and prep, wrap, and crate your belongings. We will then securely transport it to our storage facility.

Dimly lit living room with a rustic pool table
Make your home more alluring. Leave your excess belongings in our safe storage facility.

Or, you can choose our Storage-in-Transit option. In this case, we’ll keep your possessions in one of our dedicated moving trailers, ready to go at a moment’s notice. The trailer itself goes into our storage facility. So, you don’t have to worry about your things being left out, at the mercy of the elements.

You can expect maximal convenience from our services

After you’ve chosen a combination of our services – that’s it. You can relax and stop worrying. We will guide you through the entire process. All while working out the quirks and protecting you from potential problems:

  • Our experts will plan your relocation. We’ll cover every detail, thus minimizing the possibility of anything going awry.
  • Professional packers will make sure everything is ready to go in the safest way possible.
  • You will have responsible and experienced movers by your side. They will treat your belongings like their own.
  • Our movers are trained and equipped to handle various household objects. Your precious artwork, electronics, and other sensitive items will be safe in their hands.

Cross-country moving is a grand undertaking. And we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. You will have the support of our courteous and knowledgeable customer service throughout the move. Feel free to contact us at any point during your relocation. Because we are more than just about moving services. We are here to provide guidance and help, so your relocation can be painless and stress-free.

Your interstate relocation can be amazing

Moving from NY to NC can be stress-free and joyful. You can relax and preserve your energy for settling in and seizing the opportunities that your new environment brings. And Slattery is here to make that possible for you. So don’t hesitate. Give us a call, and ensure you have the perfect team for your relocation.




“Call Slattery and they were there in a few hours to unpack and bring it in safely, efficiently, and professionally!”

Sara C.