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Relocating anywhere is a pretty big step to make – and Haverstraw is no exception in that regard. That’s why we recommend contacting professionals who can help you do it with ease. And if you need the most exceptional Haverstraw movers in the business; you’ll find that Slattery Moving & Storage is more than up for the task! Our company provides an extensive range of moving services; designed to assist you at every single step of the way towards a new home. We have more than three decades of experience in the moving industry; so feel free to contact us for any and all moving needs!

A woman writing something down next to cardboard boxes, before hiring Haverstraw movers.
If you need the most professional Haverstraw movers; we’re more than willing to help you out!

We house the most dependable Haverstraw movers in the area!

Moving is definitely one of those things that seem to be simple – but actually represent a challenge from beginning to end. And that’s why you definitely shouldn’t take this for granted; if you approach your relocation with the seriousness that it deserves, everything will be far better in the end. Among other things, this also means hiring the very best Haverstraw movers that you can find. Obviously – we believe that Slattery Moving & Storage is definitely your best choice in this regard. And plus, you’re just a couple of steps away from setting a moving date with our company:

  1. Use our website to provide us with some information regarding your relocation
  2. Receive a free moving estimate along with some useful free advice for the move
  3. Upon deciding to use the moving services of our company, feel free to sit back and relax.

And that last part is quite important to us; we believe that no-one should worry about their personal belongings if they’re in the care of a professional moving company. This is precisely what we are, and what we’ve become over the course of many long years in this industry. We can handle absolutely any kind of move with ease after giving you a free moving quote; to us, moving expensive artwork, a grand piano, or a regular personal possession is all the same. And that’s true because we treat every single thing that you place in our temporary custody like it’s fragile and precious; ensuring its safety in transport. 

A woman carrying piles of boxes and papers next to other cardboard boxes.
There’s absolutely no reason to handle any part of the move yourself!

Pick a moving company that actually cares

As you’ll see, we definitely have everything that you’d want in a moving company; from the equipment and skills to the undoubted experience. However, in a process as personal as moving – that’s not all you need. After all, moving means going through something deeply personal; which is why you don’t want to entrust it to absolutely anyone. And Slattery Moving & Storage realizes this well; we know perfectly well how important it is to you that you have movers which you can trust with your most personal items.

With that in mind, we put the actual needs of our customers first. At every single moment in the relocation, we want you to be perfectly respected, comfortable – and ultimately, safe. And we are always hard at work to make sure that the trust that you place in us is completely justified. We haven’t let any of our clients down yet – and we certainly don’t intend to start with you!

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With our assistance, you’ll be able to focus on other parts of your life more easily.

Moving with us is the safest way to go

As you have probably realized by now; we are a professional moving company that does its job in accordance to a set of principles and values. And among these values – the safety of our customers and their belongings is pretty much the most important thing. We will not allow our consumers to feel like they have anything to lose when they use our relocation services. Plus, the way we do business is as clear-cut and transparent as our moving techniques; you won’t find any hidden expenses or damages with us. Everything is completely straightforward, with firmly guaranteed moving quotes and the experienced movers needed to see the relocation through to the end!

With us, you can be absolutely certain that we’re treating every single piece of your household as if it were our own. We can absolutely get every item you place in our care to the proverbial finish line of your new home; without any damage or other issues. 

Pick the exact moving services that you require for a successful relocation

At the end of the day, we have a simple goal; we want you to have nothing to worry about for the entirety of your move. And that means providing you with every kind of service that you might need for your move to work perfectly. That is why our company is perfectly suited to handle absolutely any kind of move; not just the usual residential relocation. If you need to move your company offices, for example – we can effortlessly and efficiently do that as well! You can take a look at our:

Make sure you give us a call for any kind of moving assistance!

It’s probably evident to you by now, but we’re more than prepared to handle just about any kind of moving-related job that you have for us. If you need additional storage space, help with household relocation or just assistance with packing; you definitely know who to call! We’ll be absolutely glad to help you out.




“Call Slattery and they were there in a few hours to unpack and bring it in safely, efficiently, and professionally!”

Sara C.