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Get rid of the clutter without disposing of your belongings- contact Slattery Moving & Storage for superb storage in Rockland County NY.

The era of consumerism we live in offers so much convenience. Everything we want and need is at our fingertips. However, the same convenience and accessibility also created some unexpected problems. One of the most prominent of them is the lack of space in our homes, garages, workshops, or offices. Fortunately, that’s also one problem that you can easily solve. With our storage Rockland County NY, you can make your home more livable and your office more spacious. And if you want a truly comprehensive service, Slattery Moving & Storage is your prime choice. Our facilities are suitable for both short and long-term safekeeping of your belongings. Furthermore, we also offer packing and pickup service, so your items get the best care. So give us a call. We always have a perfect and safe space for your possessions.

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Rely on experienced moving and storage professionals.

Find the perfect solution for your storage needs

As your household or business grows and evolves, the amount of stuff you accumulate also increases. A portion of those items is always useful. Others you use sparingly or not at all. These items only become clutter that occupies precious space. Still, you can’t throw them away. All of them are precious in some way. They are either expensive or have some sort of emotional value. But at a certain point, your home can start looking like a warehouse. When that time comes, normal functioning becomes hindered and, in extreme cases, impossible.

Here at Slatery Moving and Storage, we offer a perfect solution to your problem in the form of our Rockland County NY storage services. You don’t have to further clutter or make certain portions of your home or office unusable. Instead, you can choose to use one of our storage solutions:

  • On-premise storage – This is a standard option, ideal for long-term storage. Your belongings will be packed and stacked safely in our storage facility.
  • SIT (Storage-in-Transit) – This is an amazing option if you plan to store your possessions only for a few days or weeks. In this case, your cargo will remain in the truck trailer, ready for transport at the moment’s notice. The trailer itself goes into our storage facility. Our headquarters are a part of the same building complex. This means that our security is your security.

Slattery Moving – more than just storage in Rockland County NY

When you opt for our storage services, you’re not only getting a safe place for your belongings. Instead, you’re getting a comprehensive storage service. We designed it with the greatest convenience and safety of your items in mind. Here’s how it works:

  • A team of capable movers will come to your location to pick up your stuff.
  • Our professionals will prepare your belongings for transport.
  • We wrap and pad your furniture and items using specialized equipment.
  • Next, we shrink-wrap everything in foil.
  • For breakables and furniture with glass parts, we always make sure to add an extra layer of security.
  • We lock everything in handcrafted wooden pallet containers.
  • Finally, now that your belongings are properly secured, we place them in our storage facility or trailer.

We do everything mentioned on the spot and without your assistance. As we said, we aim for convenience. And saving your time and energy only adds to that goal.

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You will have plenty of time to relax while we prepare your items for storage.

Our way of doing things makes settling-in easier

We are mindful of how we stack your possessions during loading and storing. We follow rigorous rules, to make sure nothing gets damaged in the process. Conveniently, this procedure becomes a true time-saver towards the end of your relocation. With everything accessible and precisely stacked, the unloading process becomes a walk in the park. And when you’re eager to start a life in your new home, every minute is important.

The need for extra storage often arises during relocation

Moving is already a chaotic and challenging process. Your home or office is flipped upside-down. You’re constantly running around, trying to handle all the chores. And clutter, boxes, and stuff lying around don’t help to ease the difficulty. Quite the contrary. All that chaos only makes things harder by introducing a great deal of anxiety into an already stressful process. But with the help of Slattery Moving & Storage, you can make your household move and/or office relocation easier, and more enjoyable.

An office with a view of the city.
Your productivity will spike in the office free of clutter.

Our storage services are an excellent addition to our local and long-distance moving services. Between the two, you will be able to keep the semblance of normalcy, so necessary during the turmoil. By using our services, you can make sure to continue living uninhibited, all the way until you settle into your new home.

Packing takes a lot of time – we’re here so you don’t waste yours

The moving process is littered with time-consuming tasks. Planning, organization, inventorizing, decluttering – all require an excessive amount of your time. Still, none of these tasks comes even close to packing. This activity doesn’t only take a great portion of your schedule. Most people also find it tedious, boring, and life-draining. But there’s a convenient and efficient way to deal with it. Packing services we offer are designed to both save you time, and give you much-needed peace of mind.

Our professional packers have years of experience and knowledge of various packing solutions. We combine skills, specialized tools, and quality packing materials to provide the utmost security for your items. We cover all the bases, so you can have the time to enjoy yourself before the big day.

Turn your relocation into a better experience

If you’re looking to make your relocation easier, or just need that extra space, get in touch with Slattery Moving and Storage. Take a much-needed break from the chaos with our moving services. Make your home more livable with our storage Rockland County NY. Our services are a prime choice to take the stress and difficulty out of the moving process.





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