Storing sports equipment

Sometimes people storage stuff not thinking what is the best way to do it. They just pile everything on top of each other and later they can’t find anything. On top of it, maybe they would use some of that storage stuff but they don’t have the nerves to look for it in the mess they made. Sometimes people don’t intend to make that mess. They start organized, but in a hurry, they start to throw in things in a non-orderly way. After few times, with all that putting everything on top of each other without the organization, the inside of that storage is unrecognizable. For example, if you are a person that likes sports, then you, maybe, like also to buy sports equipment. Storing sports equipment in the right way could be at the same time fun and useful.

Storing sports equipment – the general part

When we think about sport and sports equipment, we can select some of the sports that are more frequent than the others when it comes to large equipment. Whatever is it:

  • rock-climbing, horseback riding
  • canoeing, kayaking, surfing
  • golfing
  • skiing, snowboarding,
  • hockey, etc.

    skies, and rest of the ski equipment on the floor. Storing sports equipment by putting on the wall
    Put on the wall your ski equipment!

What they have in common is bulky equipment. So, if you are moving, or just wanting to get storage, fix the old pattern you stored or something like that. Prepare yourself to enjoy organizing. For example, local movers Westchester County are there if you are someone who needs to move and find storage at the same time.

Tips for storing the sports equipment

There are a lot of interesting ideas that you can use to organize your storage space. The main thing is to make the best use of space. You can use permanent tricks and some current solutions. In either way that solutions need to be planned and prepared.

Current solutions – the mighty boxes

Taking that you are in the moving process, local movers can also help with storage. Haverstraw storage – storage is a great solution when are you moving, whether is a temporary or permanent solution also. What is great, is that when you are in all the moving process and packing, you have an easier way to get regular boxes that you can use in the storage too, not just for relocating your belongings to your new house.

Organizing regular boxes in storage

When you are putting your belongings in storage, organize your stuff in some pattern.

  • Sports equipment in one place, separate from the rest of the stuff
  • Clothes and some similar things on the other part of the storage
  • Furniture and big stuff in the back of the storage.

Organize in the way that you know:

  1. where and what type of your belongings are put in storage
  2. you can even make a list/map with the information where is everything put down
  3. bigger boxes and things are better to be in the back, but with a way through it, so you don’t need to skip other boxes.
  4. heavy boxes on the floor direct, lither ones on top for easier moving
  5. make a plan before packing so you can organize all of it before loading it into the storage-saving up the time

    yellow Pilates ball on the Pilates mat
    Use for storing sports equipment storage cubes

Using boxes for the small things when it comes to sports equipment

Try to put equipment from every sport you practice in the same box. If you need to separate it into two different boxes then it is great to label it in the way you know that it is not everything inside. If you want to use it after some time, you will maybe forget that the equipment is in two different boxes. Things like “hockey-free climbing-box 1” and “2”. If you mix types of equipment from different sports in the same box – it saves space – but in that case:

  • Put the list of the box content on the label – that way you will not need to open it and search if you need just one specific thing.

Permanent storage solutions

If you are moving and plan to store sports equipment for a long period, you can make it look beautiful also. In that case, using regular boxes is the second choice. Storage Suffern NY can help you with choosing the best storage, but if you want to organize it by yourself, you can.

Before loading the stuff into storage – preparing

Prepare the equipment:

  • washing
  • cleaning
  • fixing it if needed before putting it in storage
  • folding
  • putting in bags or anything that will protect the equipment that needs protection, etc.

Make the storage nice, and beautiful

Before starting – declutter. Everyone needs before packing anything from the beginning. If you need junk removal, some people can assist you also. Probably the same ones that helped you move. If not, they still can be there. You can get some of the things below, use them and think of the storage like it is your home – meaning “if I spend time here, what is the best way to order stuff”. 

kayaks on the beach lined up next to each other
Don’t skip big equipment, put them on the rack!

Ideas for storing sports equipment:

On the floor 

  • Storage cubes – gives you an easy-access place for things, they are like regular boxes, just nicer and more durable. It could be used for anything smaller. Fitness equipment (some of it) – could be put in these. For example, it is great for heavy equipment, to be on the floor.
  • Ball storage idea – you can use storage cubes, to make or buy the ones that can be put on the wall or floor, for example like a wooden skeleton with the strings (flexible or not) that are put cage-like – from top to bottom of that wooden skeleton.

On the wall

  • Pegboards – a board having a regular pattern of small holes for pegs. With them, on the walls, you can hang anything and it will be easily accessible and tidy. Tennis racquets and similar equipment could be easily put on them.
  • Racks for skateboards or scooters – place them also on the wall. That could be also a bike storage solution, kayaks, canoes, etc.

Baseball Glove Storagestore a baseball glove so it won’t lose shape or dry rot

Maintain the organization

Always make sure that all the stuff you put in the storage, not just the sports equipment, is organized like the first time. Take from the storage and put it back in their place all the time. So, if you did your job right in organizing the first time, storing sports equipment won’t be ever again an issue. Keep it clean, nice, and tidy, enjoy your sports all the time, have the best-taken care of equipment.





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