The appeal of living in White Plains

Relocation to a new place is an adventure that creates different feelings. Excitement and joy are inevitable in this process, but having doubts and fears is normal as well. Having a combination of all these feelings can be stressful and overwhelming. For that reason, it is important to focus on the positive aspects of your move.  Try to find all the good reasons for this change. Certainly, if you are moving to White Plains, there are many positive things that you will discover. The appeal of living in White Plains is something that will make you feel excited, leaving uncertainty aside.

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The most important appeal of living in White Plains is its safety

Located in Westchester County and only 25 miles of Manhattan NYC, White Plains is one of the most approachable cities in the area. From White Plains, major highways are easily accessible and it has a well-organized public transportation system. For that reason, many people choose to live here and commute to NYC if necessary. Also, its crime rate is 67% lower than the national average which is why people search for moving companies NY to relocate them to this place. White Plains is a vibrant area that gives a perfect combination of suburban and urban feeling.

The appeal of living in White Plains is its job market

The appeal of living in White Plains is the job market that it has to offer to its residents. Before White Plains was populated by people who have chosen to live here just because of its proximity to Manhattan. However, over the years the city started to develop and the economic growth became noticeable. Nowadays, with more than 170 headquarters situated in White Plains, its job market is very competitive. Some of the biggest companies that are located here are MasterCard, PepsiCo, Morgan Stanley, etc.

Woman shaking hands with her boss
White Plains has a growing job market and the median income has increased over the years

Having that in mind, if you have decided to relocate to White Plains because of your career it is certainly a good choice. Find the best movers in Westchester NY to relocate you to White Plains and your career path will go forward. Not only that the job market is growing, but the median income has increased over the years. The median income in White Plains is 81 743$, while the national average is 53 482$. Also, the current unemployment rate in White Plains is 4.9%, while the national average is 6.0%. All these numbers show that the job market is stable and should encourage you to start searching for your job opportunities in White Plains.


When relocating with children, education is one of the most important things that you should look at. Luckily, White Plains doesn’t offer only great job opportunities, but an educational system as well. Having one of the highest-ranked schools in the region, White Plains became a place where parents choose to educate their children. White Plains has 9 public schools in its district and more than 50 private schools that include preschool and mixed-age schools. When the time comes, your kids will be able to choose from 191 college options.

Unlike other cities, in White Plains parents are not obliged to send their kids to the school that is zoned to their neighborhood. Also, White Plains provides a Youth Bureau program, that helps children develop their leadership skills. The appeal of having such a great education system is a good reason to hire movers White Plains NY and move with your family to this one-of-the-kind place.

Family-friendly neighborhoods

As one of the safest places to live in NY, White Plains became the choice number one for families. Whether you decide to move to the busier downtown area or quiet suburban area you will find family-friendly neighborhoods. With more than 35 neighborhoods to choose from, White Plains offers affordable housing options. Also, every neighborhood has numerous parks and recreational facilities for your kids.

Dog on the street of one neighborhood as the appeal of living in White Plains is family-friendly neighborhoods
White Plains has over 35 neighborhoods to choose from

On the other hand, White Plains is also suitable for people that decided to move here alone. It has a strong sense of community and people are always willing to help each other. The White Plains’ website allows you to get informed about the newest events and community organizations. It also has a community helpline for any emergency and non-emergency situations. The proof of how humble this place is are numerous community programs such as volunteer organizations and programs for the elderly.

The appeal of living in White Plains is its entertainment

Entertainment is one of the main assets that White Plains has to offer. It is a place that attracts people who are looking for a suburban lifestyle but has to offer an urban experience. From live theatre in White Plains Performing Arts Center to walking through Saxon Woods Park there is a little bit of entertainment for anybody. Biking, jogging, kayaking, and having picnics in its numerous parks are just some of the ways that you can relax in White Plains. Also, since White Plains is a diverse city it gives you different dining options that allow you to experience food from different cultures.

White Plains has numerous annual parades and festivals that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Make sure not to miss:

  • The September Jazz and Food Festival
  • Memorial Day Parade
  • White Plains Outdoor Art Festival
  • White Plains Hispanic Heritage Festival


As the last asset of White Plains, it is important to mention the climate. It has four seasons climate that gives you the opportunity to enjoy every month of the year. From ice-skating in Delfino Park during winter to enjoying the vivid and colorful scenery of Bronx River Parkway during autumn, White Plains has so much to offer. Whether you are a summer or winter person do not hesitate to hire residential movers to relocate your home to White Plains since it offers outdoor activities any time of the year.

Over the years White Plains has been ranked in the 100 best places to live in. With its great educational system, family-friendly neighborhoods, and amazing job opportunities, the appeal of living in White Plains is understandable and unquestioned.





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