The insider’s guide to living in Westchester County NY

When we move, we only want what’s best for us. This means finding the perfect state, the perfect area, and the perfect neighborhood. So, naturally, your research should start with choosing a state, and then finding professional NY movers. If you’re looking for a mix of modern and traditional, there’s no better place than the state of New York. So today, we give you a compact guide to living in Westchester County NY. Living in Westchester County is regarded by many for its beauty and quality of life. It combines its stately residential neighborhoods, charming downtown areas, and the proximity to New York City into one. If you’re looking for a suburban county, this is definitely the place for you. It is a perfect mix of suburban quaintness and quick city access.

There are plenty of amazing places for living in Westchester County NY

If we were to list every single town in Westchester County, it would take us a very long time, so let’s narrow it down to the absolute best. This conversation simply can’t go without Bronxville, which offers a cozy village vibe, together with great schools and beautiful homes. To top it all off, it’s a mere 25-minute ride away from the Grand Central station. If you like rivers and art, you need to take a look at Sleepy Hollow and Terrytown. They both reside on the riverfront, have plenty of cozy and good restaurants, and a thriving arts community. Last but not least, there is Mamaroneck, which offers its citizens a very distinct small-town feel, perfect for living in Westchester County.

Westchester County NY in the early morning
Westchester is home to one of the first suburbs in the world

Other popular places for living in Westchester County NY in this guide include Pound Ridge, which feels more like a country town than a suburb. There are no traffic lights here, and most of the houses are actually just weekend getaway homes. Hastings-on-the-Hudson is yet another waterfront community with a passion for art. If you have valuable art pieces, you’d make great use of our secure storage services. It has a very trendy downtown area that still tries to remain as quaint as possible, at least on the outside. If you want to dip your toes into the suburb life without spending much, we couldn’t recommend Fleetwood enough. It offers its residents a quick commute to Manhattan and has drastically lower rates than the other surrounding areas.

Welcome to the original suburbs with a modern feel

It is an interesting fact that Westchester County was one of the first suburban areas to be developed on a large scale. This applies to the whole United States, and maybe even the entire world. It is located just north of New York City, and it boasts quiet streets flanked by gorgeous houses. As a bonus, it offers its residents easy access to Manhattan by either card or railroad. These days, you have a choice of living in any of the six cities, nineteen towns, or twenty-three villages the county has to offer. Of course, there are many differences in both character and culture among the communities. For the most part, the housing market is heavily dominated by multi-family homes, private housing, and smaller apartment buildings. The good thing is that the apartments in Westchester County always tend to be near the center of each city or village.

a mansion for living in Westchester County NY
Westchester County is full of beautiful mansions

If you’re looking for apartments rather than single-family homes that make up most of the county, you’re in luck. Yonkers, which is the fourth most populated city in the state of New York offers just that. Alternatively, you have White Plans, New Rochelle, and Mount Vernon for a more urban living style. If you want to reach any of these towns quickly, a good idea is hiring full service movers. Unfortunately, we can’t say much about rentals in this guide to living in Westchester County NY, simply because there aren’t that many. You can find a lot of them in Bronxville, Scarsdale, Chappaqua, and Armonk. However, most of these communities are filled with Tudor mansions and Dutch colonial homes. On the plus side, these options allow renters to enjoy the lavish home design without having to make a heavy purchase.

Westchester County offers many activities to its residents

Unlike some communities in New Jersey, you won’t find huge shopping centers, massive venues, or the general taste of the city bustle. This is why we’ll be focusing on a quieter lifestyle in this Westchester County NY living guide. What you’ll find here, is a number of smaller arts and culture centers. The only exceptions are a few local theater companies you’ll find in various cities. The main focus of the county is more relaxing and quaint pastimes, like hiking, boating and canoeing, antique collecting, golfing, and fishing. Also, there are over 50 interesting historical sites to visit. From graveyards and small churches to large manors like Kykuit, Lyndhurst, and Rockefeller estate. And if you’re a fan of lush greenery, the county has several nature centers and gardens.

iron gate in Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow is full of both history and mystery

Even though visiting Westchester County is worth it all year round, one particular place is especially interesting in September and October. If you visit Tarrytown, you’ll find the historical Sleepy Hollow. This is exactly where Washington Irving’s story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” takes place. The author’s home is now a museum which you can visit. Most of it is still kept in the original condition. So if you like fantasy, this is certainly a place worth visiting. Our residential movers NY would be happy to get you there. In addition, our guide to living in Westchester County NY wouldn’t be complete without Rye Playland. It rests on the shores of Long Island Sound and has many fun rides and attractions for the visitors. It has also appeared in a number of movies and TV shows.




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