The items to leave behind when moving to NY

If you plan on moving soon, you know that there are numerous items in your household inventory that you need to pack and transport to your new home. Sometimes, it can be extremely hard to figure out what to leave behind when moving to NY. However, it is important to declutter and leave certain items behind in order to increase the efficiency of your relocation. In this article, we are going to talk about the things you should leave behind when relocating. Furthermore, we are going to go over the reasons why it is crucial to have reliable and professional movers Pearl River NY when relocating.

What to leave behind when moving to NY

Old clothing items

Over the years, you have likely accumulated lots of different clothing items in your closet or wardrobe. However, when you start organizing your relocation, you should go over some of your clothing items and see what you can leave behind. There are likely various clothing items that you no longer use or need. Take time to figure out what items you wear regularly or particularly like, and then donate or sell the rest.

Decluttering clothes.
Take a look at your closet and wardrobe, and declutter old clothing items you no longer use.

Old furniture

Next up on the list is old furniture. The old furniture is usually bulky, damaged, and hard to move. It is best to leave old furniture behind when moving if possible. Furthermore, moving to a new home may be your perfect opportunity to buy some new things for your home and let the old pieces go. If the furniture is in usable condition, there are plenty of charity organizations that you can contact and see how you can help. In case you do have lots of furniture for your relocation to NY, be sure to contact the best movers Rockland County NY to assist you.

Certain food items

We all have extra food stored just in case somewhere in our home. However, when relocating, it is best to go over every food item you have and determine what you should leave behind. This is because food can easily get spoiled or even open during transportation. This can lead to damage to the rest of your inventory. Packed food that is long-lasting and inside tins and other containers can safely be transported. Perishable food on the other hand should be used or left behind before you relocate.

Miscellaneous toiletries

A lot of items that you currently have in your bathroom are easily replaced. It is easy to find wherever you go and relocate to. So, do not worry about leaving these bathroom items behind. Additionally, if you have expired medication in any cabinets, you should also consider safely disposing of those.

Various junk items in garages and basement

We are all guilty of collecting and storing various items that we sometimes do not even know we have in your garages and basements. It is a good idea to go over these places when you start preparing your items for the packing process. Any junk found in the basement or garage should be decluttered and left behind. These items will only take up a place in your new home, cost you more for the packing supplies, and make your process of packing harder to manage.

How to declutter and get rid of the items you want to leave behind?

Decluttering is a very important task that you have to complete if you want your relocation to be as smooth as possible. Decluttering makes your packing process easier and cheaper. Thus, in turn, it makes your relocation overall easier. However, you may be wondering how to do it properly? Well, we are here to help. There are several ways to efficiently get rid of the junk and miscellaneous items you plan to leave behind.

  • Donations. Before you relocate, always try to contact your local charity organization. This is a good way of not only getting rid of the items you leave behind by also helping others who may need them. Old furniture, clothing items, etc. are all welcomed in charity organizations.
  • Garage and yard sales. Organizing a yard sale when moving is relatively easy. It is a process where your entire family can participate in. More importantly, it is an easy way of spending more time in your old neighborhood as well as earning some extra cash for the items you sold. Additionally, you can use that extra cash and add it to your budget for the move.
  • Online sales. Online sales are also easy to set up. There are various websites that you can use to sell some of your items you have decluttered.
A garage sale for items leave behind when moving to NY.
Organize a yard sale to sell some of the items you leave behind when moving to NY.

Hiring professional movers when locating is important

The process of moving is difficult and complicated. There are numerous tasks that you have to complete. To get more time to focus on these various tasks during your move, including focusing on items that you plan to leave behind, you should hire reliable movers. There are many benefits that you get when you hire professional movers to assist you. Professional movers are ready to offer you numerous moving services New York at affordable prices. What’s more, with experienced movers, you do not have to worry about your inventory. It is in safe hands. Additionally, you do not have to worry about any heavy lifting of your packed items.

Professional movers can help you with storage

Since you have so many items to pack, transport, and safely move to your new home, you may also need to rent a storage unit during your relocation. If this is the case, then you are in luck. Reliable and experienced movers in NY also offer Storage Rockland County NY services. So, if you have not completely decluttered your entire household inventory, and you still require some extra space for your items, you can find a good storage unit that suits the needs of your relocation.

Hiring movers.
Hire professional movers who can offer you multiple moving services to help you with your relocation process.


In summary, there are many items that you may want to leave behind when moving to NY. These items can be decluttered and then donated, sold, or simply left behind before you relocate. Remember to contact reliable movers when relocating to New York City to assist you with your move. With good organization and professional movers, you are bound to have a successful and stress-free move to NY.




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