The obstacles of moving long distance and ways to overcome them

Are you moving long-distance soon, and you’re curious about the obstacles that you’ll have to face? Obstacles of moving long distance may be numerous, but none of them are insurmountable. Moving long-distance is a complicated process, and as such, it’s possible that you will have to face many obstacles on the way. Many moving obstacles can include time clutches, documentation preparation, and dealing with different types of items. Slattery Moving & Storage has years of experience with the matter, and we’ve decided to help you. To find out more about the obstacles of moving long distances, and what you can do to overcome them, keep on reading! 

Obstacles of moving long distance that you might face

Before you move, you will face the challenges that come with it. That’s all part of the normal moving process, but it can definitely be stressful. Get acquainted with the possible obstacles so you can be prepared when they arise.

professional movers
Professional movers will hep you overcome the moving obstacles, and most importantly, you won’t get hurt during the move!

Obstacles of moving long distance that you can expect: 

  • Delays with the documentation
  • Packing materials of bad quality
  • Not knowing how to choose a reliable residential moving company
  • Not being able to stay organized
  • Dealing with the big, heavy items such as pianos or pool tables
  • Dealing with the items that are easily damaged or breakable
  • Some of the problems may arise due to the weather conditions
  • Setting a moving date that works both for you and the moving company
  • Lack of space in the home
  • Not knowing which items to bring with yourself and which ones to get rid of

As you can see, these are just some of the problems that you may face during your long-distance moves. To make sure that you don’t encounter those problems, turn to professional movers.

How to stay ahead of the schedule

There are several things that you can do to stay ahead of the schedule: 

  • Careful planning – Make sure that the plan that you develop for your moving preparations is extensive and detailed. That will help you stay calm when you feel overwhelmed – having a specific to-do list of tasks in front of you will remind you that you know exactly what you should do next. 
  • Hiring a professional moving company – Hiring professional movers can make or break your move. If you hire ones that are the right fit for you, you’re sure to have a smooth relocation to your new place. If not, you may only end up spending money unnecessarily and the job won’t get done properly. That’s why you should invest your time in finding the right moving company, starting from sending out the free quotes and comparing the prices. Don’t forget to give them a call and compare the moving reviews as well!
Researching moving companies extensively before hiring one is of crucial importance.
  • Starting to prepare for the moving as soon as you can – Early preparations are key for a successful move. The earlier you start preparing, the more time you will have to deal with any obstacles that come your way. 

Dealing with special items

Special items are a big part of the obstacles of moving long distance. They can be problematic – sometimes they’re too old and dangerous, and sometimes they’re simply too heavy. Other times, you don’t know how to pack them properly, and you end up worrying whether you’ve done all that can be done to ensure their safety. 

  • Big bulky furniture pieces, pianos, pool tables

There are numerous big bulky furniture pieces that can be problematic. Not only furniture – but electrical appliances such as fridges can also make problems. You need to have manpower and equipment in order to properly handle them. Your best bet is to hire moving professionals to help you with heavy items, or the ones that need to be carried several flights of stairs. You should avoid getting injured, especially shortly before your move – that’s why hiring moving processions is a good choice. 

obstacles of moving long distance
One of the most frequent obstacles of moving long distance is handling big and bulky furniture.
  • Fragile items such as china sets and antiques 

When it comes to fragile items, they require a special way of packing. The same goes for art. You’ll need to wrap ceramic and fragile items in glassine to protect them from scratches, mold, dust, and moisture. Before you do that, clean the items with a damp cloth. After you wrap them in glassine, apply two layers of bubble wrap. It will protect the items from mechanical damage. Place the items in the specialty box, or a box that’s slightly bigger than the item itself. The box should only be slightly bigger than the item. If there is free space left, fill it out slightly with the packing peanuts. 

Having too many items is one of the obstacles of moving long distance

Sometimes our biggest problem when moving long-distance is that there are too many items in the home at the same time. You can solve that in several ways. Those types of obstacles to moving long-distance are usually unavoidable.

  • Storage is the solution – You can take some of your items to the storage to free up a room or two, to help you conduct the rest of the move properly. After you’ve done packing all of the other items, you can move the items back into your home and finish packing. Another option is to rent an on-site storage container that can be placed in your backyard. That way items are still nearby, but they aren’t cluttering the home.
  •  Decluttering – Decluttering is an integral part of any moving process, during which you should get rid of the items that no longer serve you anymore. Sell, donate, or throw out the items that you don’t need anymore. Since one of the obstacles of moving long distance are big expenses, you can sell big bulky electrical appliances and furniture pieces. They make up a big part of the transport price, and that way, you won’t have to pay a big price. You can use the money you got from the sale to buy the same or similar items at the new place. 

If you have any other moving-related problems, Slattery Moving & Storage is at your disposal. Give us a call – we’re more than happy to answer all of your moving-related questions!




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