Top 5 kid friendly places in NY

Considering moving to the New York state (or city)? Moving with family? Well, then you are at the right place! We know just how much effort it takes to research the best, kid friendly places in NY. That is why we are going to help you by doing it for you! We have compiled our favorite lists of New York places that are best for raising kids. Here it is, for your pleasure!

What truly makes kid friendly places in NY

Every family and every child on earth is unique in some way. In some traits. Some particular quirk of their personality. Therefore, it only stands to reason that there is no one solution that would fit everyone’s problem. Furthermore, there is no single place good for everyone’s kid. The simple nature of the human spirit makes it so that such a place can not exist. However, some things can be taken into the account. Some objectively good things that are a net positive to all kids. And, if you want to find those things, or rather places, in New York, we are more than happy to help.

kid friendly places in NY - playground in New York
What will a priority be?

For that reason, we have comprised a list of criteria that we will take into account when picking the spots. These go as follows:

  • Safe – The kid friendly places in NY first and foremost need to be safe and secure for you and your child. There is no priority higher in everyone’s minds than the safety of children, and it is good that many places are able to provide a standard in safety for every kid out there.
  • Good schoolsLocal movers Rockland County will also be moving you into places that have good schools. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have put them on this list.
  • Entertainment  – Finally, it’s important that your kid has entertainment, both educational and otherwise. That is why we aimed for towns and places that have interesting things to have fun in.

Jericho, NY

If you use movers Pearl River NY to move to Nassau County, Jericho, you will be moving to a town of around 14 000 people. The small town makes it sow that it is very much safe and friendly.

The town is close to New York City so your entertainment and higher-schooling priorities are near. As for local education, the hamlet of Jericho is served by Jericho Union Free School District and the Syosset Central School District.

The town has only about 4.1 square miles and is in what is considered to be a humid continental climate. You are close to the sea so fun beach days during hot summers are always an option.

Roslyn, NY

The second of the list of towns for which you should put your excess stuff in storage Suffern NY and move to is Roslyn, New York. This is a small village of only 2700 people and is extremely safe.

Schooling in the village of Roslyn gets some of the best reviews in all of the states of New York. Education is done by the Roslyn Union Free School District, or rather its five schools;

  1. Heights School,
  2. Harbor Hill School,
  3. East Hills School,
  4. Roslyn Middle School,
  5. Rosslyn High school.

This school will take care of all of your kid’s educational needs!

Scarsdale, NY

A town very close to NYC indeed is Scarsdale, located in Westchester County. Well, technically, it is both a town and a village, with its government being a village one, but it can hardly be said that the place of 17 000 people is a village.

Green field under the sky
Maybe Scarsdale is the place for your family?

It is a pretty high wealthy place, known as an affluent suburb of NYC. Furthermore, its schools are very well, with five elementary schools, 7 to 9 high schools, and all of them having exceptionally high rankings on reviews.

Furthermore, you will find a library with 147 000 books, meaning your child will always have a place to intellectually grow in!

Rockland, NY

Moving a little bit north with the help of movers Rockland County NY, we arrive at Rockland, a small, 3900 people strong, town in Sullivan county. The town borders Delaware County and Ulster County, with most of the town being within the Catskill Park and what used to be Hardenburgh Patent.

The town of Rockland possesses great schools, which is exactly why it is on this list. And, as before, it being a small place makes it a great, safe environment for raising a family.

The only downside is its distance to NYC, which, while not far at all, is still further than all the other locations we have mentioned.

New York City, NY

But now we break with the small places of New York state and go straight for NYC. It might feel strange, but New York is not a bad place to raise a child. While some parts of it are not exactly the kid friendly places in NY you might expect, the city as a whole is a huge place with a lot of neighborhoods

new york skyscrapers
And, of course, NYC.

New York City boasts great opportunities, especially in higher education, and has a great sense of community which ties the city together. That means that you just need to search for the best neighborhoods to move into in NYC to get access to all of the benefits of this metropolis!

Be prepared!

This has been all that you need to know if you are searching for kid friendly places in NY. We hope that you have found our list useful. Furthermore, we would like to extend our advice to exactly how to adapt to a new life in new places. The most important thing here is to stay prepared for all the difficulties of a new environment that can happen with a kid. Also, make sure that you contact the schools in advance and that you talk to your child honestly in order to stay aware of their feelings during the move. That way you can stay atop the situation and react accordingly should anything out of place happens. All in all, you will be just fine! Good luck and bon voyage!




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