Unpacking your household after moving to Nanuet

Unpacking is one of the more tedious parts of the relocation process. While you can definitely hire one of the residential movers New York has on offer to do this task for you, it is something that you will want to do on your own. You will get to familiarize yourself with your new home and learn a lot of things in the process. That said, you will need to create an unpacking system and go through each of the rooms in order. To help you with this endeavor, we’ve prepared a small guide for unpacking your household after moving to Nanuet.

Welcome to Nanuet!

Nanuet is commonly known as one of the best places to live in Rockland County. It is a suburb of the city of New York and has a population of around 17,500 residents. The area offers a dense suburban feel to it, with most people owning their homes. The median home value in Nanuet is around $382,000, with a median rent of more than $2000. But the most important fact about the area is that the median household income is around $104,300!

Coupled with some of the best schools in the area, this makes Nanuet a highly desirable place to live. Most movers Nanuet NY has on offer report an increasing volume of relocations to this suburb, clearly showing that more and more people have come to realize how great it is. It is a perfect family-friendly neighborhood with easy access to Manhattan. Nanuet also features lower living costs compared to NYC, meaning that you get to keep more of the already high income.

How to go about unpacking your household after moving

Once you arrive at your new home and take in the surroundings, it is time to figure out what to do with all the boxes, furniture, and other necessities. Here’s what we propose that you do:

  1. Create a system
  2. Necessities first
  3. Move to the kitchen
  4. Then to the bedroom
  5. Bathroom next
  6. Deal with the furniture
  7. Finish up with the utility areas

This basic unpacking process will help you settle in your home much faster than normal. That being said, if you are one of the people that enjoy the whole unpacking process, make sure that you take your time and savor it.

Creating an unpacking system

The first thing that needs to be on your mind is to have a clear system of how you are going about unpacking. You are going to need an inventory list for this part. If you haven’t created one of your own, you can get it from your movers. Make sure to note which items you sent to one of the storage Nanuet NY facilities, so you know what else is to bring in to the home at a later date. You will want to divide your boxes according to the room they go in, and/or by usage. Examine all the labels, even peer inside each box if you need to, before you start unpacking.

person holding a bundle of bubblewrap, showing what you need for unpacking your household after moving
Having the right unpacking system will make everything easier.

Unpack the necessities first

To start with, you will want to unpack all of your essential boxes. These need to be one of the first boxes that come off the truck, or the ones that you had with you in your car. These items are essential for enjoying your new home immediately. This is why Slattery Moving & Storage always recommends unpacking the essentials box to be the very first thing you do. If you haven’t packed such a box, you will want to search for and unpack the boxes that contain essential items. Normally, essential items include toiletries, paperwork, food preparation items, an entertainment device or two, phone chargers, etc.

Move to the kitchen

Once you have the essentials out of the way, moving to the kitchen is the next step. When unpacking your household after moving, you are going to get hungry at some point. And you want to make sure that you have all that you require to make a proper meal. You don’t need to fully unpack the kitchen but make sure that it is operational. Get some pots and pans out, hook up the major appliances, as well as any small ones that you might find useful. You can always return to unpack the kitchen fully at a later date. But you want to be able to make some coffee or toast whenever you feel like it.

Unpack the bedroom next

After the kitchen is more or less done, it is time to move to the bedroom. Unpack the linens and get your bed ready for the night. While you’re in the bedroom, you may also want to decide on where to place your furniture and how to organize your closets. By doing so, you will make the rest of the unpacking operation a lot more efficient.

a made bed
Make sure your bed is ready for you to take a nap.

Next up, bathroom

Most bathrooms are quite functional on their own, even without unpacking. You will want to unpack some towels, toiletries, and similar bathroom items, though. Having a fully-stocked bathroom can make a new home feel like an actual home like nothing else. Continue unpacking your medications, get a shower curtain hung, arrange the towels. Unlike other rooms, you will want to fully unpack the bathroom once you get to it.

Arrange the furniture

Creating a plan for your furniture can be either very easy or quite complex. Depending on whether you have already seen the floor plan and made some preliminary arrangements, this can take you quite a lot of time or almost none at all. You may even want to consult some of the home planners in the city of New York for this occasion. That being said, it will be a tiring process, and you will want to have all the other areas of the home already unpacked, save for one.

Leave the utility areas for last when unpacking your household after moving

When unpacking your household after moving, the last areas of your home that you will need to unpack will be the garage, basement, or any other utility rooms. The items inside these areas are usually not essential and you can even leave unpacking for a later date. However, you may still want to unpack tools and materials that you might need to keep your home in perfect running order. If you have some shelving units or storage containers, make sure you unpack them, as well.




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