What to do while your movers work?

Are you relocating soon, but you’re not sure how to spend your time while your movers work?  Slattery Moving will help you spend the time wisely. People sometimes leave various tasks for the last moment, and while this might sometimes go right, oftentimes this derails the relocation plan. Getting everything done on time is crucial in order to have a successful relocation. There are tasks that you should be doing while your movers work, so don’t worry – you won’t just stand on the side they do all the heavy lifting. Make sure to dress comfortably so that you can easily do any physical work if need be, and make sure that the clothes you’re wearing won’t be damaged by potential rain.

while your movers work
Load your own boxes while your movers work.

Prepare the terrain for the movers

To help the movers do the work faster, which is both in theirs and your interest, you should prepare your home for them. How can you do this?

  • Order the cardboard sheets to spread them over the floor in case of rain. The same goes for plastic sheets that you will use to cover your furniture.
  • If it’s very hot, prepare cold beverages, and of course, if it’s cold – hot beverages. This is a small deed, but it will help people a lot. Any movers Westchester County has will be grateful.
  • Remove anything that might stand in the movers’ ways during the relocation. If you’re leaving some items behind to be cleaned, place them in a separate room, and not in the middle of the hallway.

Don’t pack while movers work

Rule number one is not to leave the packing process while your relocation is taking place. Try to do everything you need to do before the movers arrive. Leaving anything for the last minute might cause a delay to the whole relocation process. While something might seem like a trivial task, that’s a reason more to do it before the movers come. When they arrive, there will be a lot of people in the home and the movers will have their own rhythm of functioning. The way they do their job might not be ideal for whatever task you wanted to get done. In the worst case, your task might go awry and you won’t be able to finish it on time. This might cause additional stress for both you and movers because everything should be done in a designated time frame.

Provide information before or while your movers work

In case the movers need information, do your best to find those pieces of information and tell them. Moreover, if it’s about whether or not to load a certain box on the truck. If the content of the box is fragile, and so on – it’s necessary that you tell them. But the way that you’ll do it matters greatly. Don’t talk to the moves while they’re carrying heavy items. This might end up badly for them and for you because you often need full concentration for tasks like this. Rather approach the movers when they’re taking a rest or at least not carrying anything. Be respectful of the way that they do their work, and kindly tell them that you’d like additional attention paid to several boxes due to their contents. If possible, label those boxes – all you need for this is a marker. If you already labeled them, place them all in one corner and tell the movers that all of those boxes have fragile content.

man carrying a box
If you don’t know how to help, rather stay out of the way for the movers so they can finish the relocation fast!

Do you want to transport some of the boxes yourself?

When you hire some of the moving companies White Plains NY, the movers from all of the companies will be understanding if there are some of the boxes that you want to transport yourself. It’s standard practice. People often pack the boxes with the items that they’ll need right after they arrive, and having those boxes loaded onto the truck and having to dig them out later can be a little hectic. This way, you can load your boxes while the movers load theirs, or just instruct them where to load a few of those boxes that you’ll transport.

Call the cleaning services and transfer utilities

If you’ve forgotten to do something, find a bench or a corner, and start calling people. After the movers leave, usually, the cleaning services come to clean out what’s left and leave the home or apartment in pristine condition. In case you haven’t canceled newspapers, it’s the right time to do it now. Cancel all of your utilities and transfer them to the new address.

In the end, don’t interfere while your movers work

We should keep ourselves entertained if needed, and not interfere with the movers’ work. What can you do while your movers work:

  • Do your own work on a laptop if you need to
  • While you wait, go to the store and grab a magazine with Sudoku or some kind of puzzles
  • Phone a friend or a family member that you haven’t heard in a long time
  • Do the rest of your moving responsibilities
  • Check whether you’ve packed everything you need in your moving bag
woman typing on a laptop
Sit at the nearby cafe and do your own work.

Are you relocating soon?

If your relocation is coming near, and you’re not sure how this process will look like – simply research it on the internet. There’s always something for you to do. Sometimes simply finding a spot that’s away from all the fuss is most beneficial for the efficiency of the movers. The most important part of the process is hiring reliable movers that will perform the relocation just the way you want it. That way, you won’t feel the need to interfere, and you’ll be able to have peace of mind during the whole relocation process. If you need a moving company that will tailor the relocation to your needs – give us a call. Schedule a move of your dreams today!





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