What to wear on moving day

Relocations can be physically demanding, regardless of the fact if you have moving assistance or not. Even if you hired one of the top movers, such as Slattery Moving & Storage, you will still need to move about quite a bit. That is why it is important to know what to wear on moving day. You will want to set aside comfortable clothing for the task. It will also help if they are made out of breathable materials in case of summer moves, as well. But there are some guidelines to observe when deciding what kind of outfit to wear. In this article, we are going to present you with those guidelines.

What to wear on moving day?

Here’s the list of considerations:

  • Choose comfortable and well-fitting clothes
  • Use your old clothes to wear on moving day
  • If you are moving during the summer, use clothes made of breathable materials
  • Wear old sneakers and avoid open toes shoes
  • Have an extra set of clothes handly

It is always important to simply “feel good” in your clothes, especially if you expect you will be doing strenuous activities. Additionally, avoid using overly loose clothing as it can get hinder your efforts. In fact, that is one of the first things we will be talking about.

Choose comfortable and well-fitting clothes

Your clothes need to fulfill two purposes. First, they need to make you feel comfortable. Second, you don’t want your clothing stuck in a piece of furniture or anywhere else. But you can mostly ignore the second part if you hire one of the best movers in Westchester NY for your relocation. They will do all of the heavy lifting for you, and you will just need to be there. That being said, it is still a good idea to wear clothes that fit you snugly. Avoid anything that is too snug and which can make it difficult for you to move, though. You might need to lend a hand here or there or to ensure that the driveway is clean. A good choice is something that you would wear to the gym, for example.

a couple packing for the move
Your clothes need to be comfortable, first and foremost.

Use your old clothes to wear on moving day

The fact of the matter is that clothes are going to be in danger of rips, tears, as well as dirt. That is why you might want to consider wearing some of your old pieces. You are not going to any fashion shows, after all, and can usually afford to pick something older. While you may think that you and your clothes will not be doing any work, that your movers Suffern NY will do everything for you, the reality is that you will be around items that can present danger to your clothing. Therefore, choosing an older attire is usually the best choice you can make. That way, even if something happens, it will be of no particular consequence.

If you are moving during the summer, use clothes made of breathable materials

Moving during the summer creates an additional requirement for your apparel. You will want to wear items that can “breathe”, which will allow for much greater comfort. That way, you will prevent overly sweating, as well as maintain a higher energy level throughout the day. You may need to deal with packing and supplies at some point, which may strain your body a bit, after all. Wearing “breathable” clothes will make the whole process a lot more enjoyable.

woman picking clothes
When choosing your clothes for a summer move, go with something that can “breathe”.

Wear old sneakers and avoid open toes shoes

The most important piece of clothing will be your shoes. They will, also, be under the most pressure. That is why you may want to dust off some of your old sneakers for the occasion. It is not entirely uncommon that you will need to place your foot in front, or beneath, an item, and having old sneakers with you will allow you to do so with impunity. However, depending on the work you think you will be doing, it may be more prudent to wear something even sturdier. But remember, your shoes really need to be comfortable!

One thing in particular, that you need to avoid is wearing open-toed shoes. Needless to say, having those on your feet will provide you with minimal protection and will open you up for several types of injuries. As items are being moved left and right, you may encounter splinters and similar dangers. Some of them can easily penetrate your bare skin so you will want to protect your feet accordingly. And open-toed shoes do not help in this regard. While they may be more comfortable and you might be used to them, it is in your best interest to pack them and wear something else for the day of the relocation.

Have an extra set of clothes handly

Even with the sturdiest of clothes, there are chances that they can be damaged during a moving day. That is why you need to prepare an extra set, just in case. Having a spare set of clothes will allow you to finish all of the work that is in front of you, regardless of how much dirt your clothes accumulate. Simply change into your “travel” clothes once everything is done and you’re golden!

cotton white shirt and pair of black socks
Having a spare set of clothes handy is always a good idea.

Why is it important to choose appropriate clothes to wear on moving day?

Moving can get really tiring, stressful, and complicated. You really don’t want to add even more difficulties to the list. That is why you need to pay close attention to what to wear on moving day. The ideal attire depends on your situation and circumstances, of course. But if you follow all the guidelines above, you will be in a great spot to make a correct decision. The important thing is that you have protection, and are comfortable. If your clothes reflect at least that, you have made the right choice!




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