Here, we’ve assembled a wealth of common questions on moving and some Slattery Moving & Storage exclusive features. We encourage you to research all of these topics or call us at 845-727-1800 for additional details.

What is the difference between a Guaranteed quote and an Hourly quote?

The moving industry prices your job out in one of two ways. They either charge you by the hour. Or they give you a guaranteed price that doesn’t change no matter how long the job takes.

Hourly quotes are going the way of the dinosaur because it puts the customer at high risk. Your final price is a variable that depends on the moving company’s performance, skill, management and external circumstances such as weather.

Hourly quotes only protect the mover. Getting a Guaranteed quote is meant to protect you.

Do I get insurance/valuation with my move?

Slattery Moving & Storage offers several levels of Valuation, specifically tailored to your personal preferences.

Although we cannot sum up all of the specifics of moving insurance, we highly recommend that you read “Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move”. Read the official D.O.T. article here.

What does “Full Service” mean?

A Full-Service move, in the broadest sense, is a move that includes a set of conveniences outside the scope of just being picked up and dropped off. Some of these conveniences may be disassembly or reassembly of furniture. Packing services. Storage services. Ask your mover what their definition of “Full service” constitutes.

Is it possible to get a pricing quote over the phone?

Yes, absolutely. Pricing is based on the information we collect from you. We then process that info and calculate a price based on the volume of your belongings and the resources necessary to perform the move. The result is always a Guaranteed Price.

Can I have someone come out to my house?

Yes for larger scope moves we prefer to come out to your house in person to assure a No surprise move. Depending on your situation, it may be recommended to schedule a in-home guaranteed quote.

Who comes out to my house?

The representative that comes out to your house is typically called an estimator, though each company may call it something different. Slattery Moving & Storage does not give estimates, we give Guaranteed Quotes. When we send someone out, you can feel safe that you’re getting a real person. Not just a sales rep.

What is the most common moving scam?

There isn’t one individual scam that is the go-to example. But there are some that stand out more than others. If we were to pick just one it would be the “under-pricing” scam.

Here’s how it goes.

You get an hourly contract with Mover X. Mover X sells you this job at $800. You sign a contact with Mover X. The day of the move, suddenly there are problems and other circumstances that greatly increase the number of hours it will take to do the job. For all intents and purposes, lets say that it doubles. So you end up being billed $1600. You’re obviously not into that so you talk to Mover X. They can’t help you and won’t release your items until you’ve paid your bill.

The truth of the matter is that not every moving company can estimate the hourly job EXACTLY to the estimate. There is a margin of error that is reasonable and to be expected. Where it becomes a scam is when the price is deliberately mis-reprasented to undercut the competition. With the intention of inflating it later through means of sabotage and exploiting contract parameters.

What if I end up having more boxes (or other items) than I originally planned? Will it increase my price?

If you have an hourly contract, it will almost certainly increase the final bill. If you have a Guaranteed Price with Slattery Moving & Storage, you get a price protection plan built into your contract.

What is Price Protection?

Price protection is a Slattery Moving & Storage exclusive that is included in every contract. It allows for a percentage of additional items to be added without increasing the cost of your move. Ask for details

I’m hearing a lot of paperwork terms? Aren’t they all the same thing?

No. Unfortunately almost all professional services come with some form or paperwork which makes it difficult to make an apple to apple comparison.

Ok. So whats the deal with moving paperwork? What am I to expect?

You can expect to see the following: A Quote, An Inventory Sheet, A Bill Of Lading, An Order For Service, Misc Paperwork Associated With Insurance Or Valuation. Each one is different company to company.




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