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Local relocations may not be burdened by great distances. Still, that doesn’t mean they are any less taxing. They still demand a great deal of planning and organization. You have to take care of innumerable chores, and all within a limited timeframe. By the time you reach the point of settling-in, you can feel drained of life, energy, and will. You’ll only be able to lay down and wish that things could have been easier. However, this wish can come to life more easily than you realize. All you need is one of the best local movers Rockland County offers, and you can forget all about moving difficulties. And Slattery Moving & Storage has just the team you need. Get in touch with us today, and let us turn your relocation into an experience you’ll love every minute of.

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Your wish for perfect relocation can become a reality. A phone call to Slattery Moving & Storage is all it takes.

We are among the most experienced local movers Rockland County accommodates

Slattery Moving has been in the moving industry for well over 25 years. During this time, we handled countless relocations, to the satisfaction of our clients. We’ve seen everything that relocation can carry. The good sides and, especially, the bad ones. That is exactly why we’re determined not to let the negatives take precedence in your relocation. It is our mission to give you a relocation free of difficulties. One that you’ll enjoy and look back toward with a smile. This attitude, combined with exceptional moving services is why we’re local movers Rockland County residents rely on and recommend.

With us, you’re getting more than just a set of helping hands

When you’re moving, any help is welcome. More importantly – it is necessary. To make your relocation a pleasant experience, you need people that understand the complexity of the process. A well-coordinated team that can take care of the job swiftly and efficiently. With our local movers from Rockland County, you’re getting even more than that:

  • At any point during your relocation, you can turn to our courteous personnel for advice. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and give counsel on anything regarding your move.
  • Our movers are trained professionals, with years of experience in the moving industry. You can expect them to be more than just reliable helpers. They will be your guides, from the beginning to the end of the process. Thus, we ensure that you won’t have to deal with any obstacles. Even on the off-chance they occur while we’re on watch.
  • We make sure our field teams are well-equipped with tools and utilities. Not only to make their life easier but to ensure seamless and swift workflow. Furthermore, this combination of skills, equipment, and quality supplies goes a long way to ensuring the safety of your belongings.
  • You can count on the swift and secure delivery of your cargo. We employ expert drivers, with a vast knowledge of New York area. They are in charge of planning the primary and backup routes. All to ensure your belongings reach the destination without delays.
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Our experts will help you overcome obstacles and come out on top.

We have moving solutions for all situations

Moving locally demands more work than you might presume at first. Especially because moving requirements differ from person to person. Here at Slattery Moving & Storage, we are ready to focus on the specifics of your relocation. To work out every detail, and offer moving services that will perfectly suit your needs:

Our expertise and support will make your household move vastly easier

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences in anyone’s life. And it’s perfectly understandable. Residential relocations are deeply personal. As such, a great deal of emotions is involved in the process. Each little piece of your household brings back a memory of past times. It doesn’t take long before the whole endeavor becomes overwhelming. And, in some cases, more than anyone can bear. After all, moving home is more than moving objects. It’s about moving everything that makes you – you. That is why this type of relocation, requires understanding and a lot of support.

Our Rockland County local movers are aware of the turmoil you’re experiencing during this time. That’s why we’re ready to provide all the guidance you may need. From the initial free estimate to packing and settling-in. With us, you will have a residential moving service tailored to the needs of your household.

Avoid losses when moving office

Residential relocations are defined by a tidal wave of raw emotion. Commercial relocations can be considered their polar opposite. Although not completely devoid of emotion, the biggest focus here is on monetary value. When you’re moving an office, storefront, or workshop, efficiency is a top priority. Every minute wasted can result in prolonged downtime. In turn, this can lead to a net loss. Even worse, extended downtime can cause the clients to lose trust in your company. And that’s something that takes a lot longer to rebuild.

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Our swift action can ensure your downtime is minimal.

To avoid the negative impact of relocation on your business, you need some of the best local moving experts Rockland County can offer. Our teams hone the skills necessary to minimize your downtime. We will plan your relocation in detail, manage the whole project professionally, and see it through efficiently.

Get in touch with us and forget about the stress and difficulties of moving

Moving locally might not seem like such a grand endeavor at first. However, even something as simple as moving next door can go awry. Simply, there are too many challenges to overcome. Too many chores to do and important decisions to make. It doesn’t take much for your relocation to turn exhilarating to nightmarish. Fortunately, with Slattery Moving & Storage, you can avoid all the risks that threaten to jeopardize your perfect move. Get in touch with us, and some of the best movers Rockland County accommodates will be at your disposal. And after that, we’ll do everything in our power to make you forget the stress and difficulties of moving.




“Call Slattery and they were there in a few hours to unpack and bring it in safely, efficiently, and professionally!”

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