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Relocate your household stress-free with our reliable team of residential movers by your side.

When you decide to relocate your home, you will face many challenges. More than one obligation will be on your mind and your concerns will be endless. The proper and safe way to handle the entire situation would be to hire the professional assistance of a moving company such as Slattery Moving & Storage. We can provide you with the residential movers New York residents had the most pleasant experiences with. Contact us today and see what we can offer to make your move an easy and stress-free one. 

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Contact us today and see how we can assist you throughout your residential relocation.

Hire some of the most qualified residential movers New York has to offer

As a professional moving company, it is very important for us to have the trust of our respected clients. We have managed to gain it through the hard work and dedication we have invested in every relocation. Our reputation was built by professional movers that we have carefully selected, hired, and trained. All in order to bring our clients the best moving experiences they can have. Even now, we do not lower the quality of our work just so we can expand the quantity because that goes against our rules. The number one rule is that the client’s satisfaction is always the priority. In order for that rule to be followed, we must make sure that our quality remains unchanged. This and much more is one of the main reasons why the residents of New York often rely on and hire our residential and other moving services.

Rely on us to help you relocate your home according to your plan

We understand that relocating a residence is very personal and requires a more delicate and understanding approach. It is why it differs so much from other kinds of moves. Our movers understand this better than anyone else and that is why they give you, the client, their complete attention. If you have a detailed plan, we will make sure that it is followed to the last instruction. On the other hand, if you do not, we can help you devise it from the beginning until the last matter is settled. Since it is so personal, we want our clients to feel more than just comfortable when they work with us. You can completely rely on our professionals or you can take part in the relocation. It completely depends on your decision and our movers will follow your lead.

We can make every aspect of your residential move easier

As it commonly is, every move is different from the other. Our company has moving services that can be useful regardless of the situation and other details. For every part of your relocation, we have a service that is at your disposal and can make it easier. You can expect the following and more:

  1. Fine art movers
  2. Junk removal service
  3. Piano handling service
  4. Storage options
  5. Packing and packing supplies
  6. Commercial moving

Our services can be tailored to fit your needs and requests. You just need to talk to our residential moving professionals and go over the options. They will surely help you choose what is best for your situation depending on many factors which you will go over together. 

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You can talk to our movers regarding all your concerns.

Trust us to handle even the most expensive and fragile items

We believe that all of your items are more than just important to you. Surely there are some that are more or less valuable as well as more or less fragile. Nevertheless, you want and need professionals who can manage and handle all of them with the same skill and attention regardless of all of that. Our movers have not only the skill but also the experience that can ensure the safety of your items. We will not only transfer but also pack your belongings. We use our own professional packing supplies that can protect even the most fragile and expensive items our clients possess.

Another option we offer involves storage. Many people require such a solution during their move or even after it. It is both practical and in many cases a cheaper option than transferring everything you own in one go. 

Cover any distance without stress with the help of our pros

Whether you choose to relocate locally or long-distance matters not. The quality of our performance can only increase if the road is long and never decrease. People often make two common mistakes. One is that they underestimate a local relocation and the other is to fail to execute a long-distance relocation by themselves. Both mistakes are normal but can be prevented with the help of professional movers. Relocating a residence is never easy due to the numerous complications that can occur. Yet, with our residential movers by your side, you will avoid all of those complications as if they were never a possibility. We will make sure that your relocation passes by in record time and without any delays that can compromise the success of it.

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The road to a successful relocation is always the same with our professionals. It does not matter whether it is a long road or a short one.

Request a free guaranteed quote today and start off your move the right way

It is only a wise choice to hire the residential movers New York residents recommend so widely and with certainty. You will get the attention and dedication you deserve. Slattery Moving & Storage is a company that is prepared to meet your needs and fulfill your requests. All in order to help you reach the end of your relocation as quickly and easily as possible. Contact us today or request a free guaranteed quote and start your stress-free move immediately. We are at your service.




“Call Slattery and they were there in a few hours to unpack and bring it in safely, efficiently, and professionally!”

Sara C.