Junk Removal

Declutter your household or office space by letting Slattery Moving & Storage remove any unnecessary junk swiftly and with ease.

Once you decide to move, you might realize that you own many items that are only an additional expense for your relocation and that you want to get rid of them. Our company, Slattery Moving & Storage, provides many services that will simplify your moving process, but also your everyday life, such as junk removal Rockland County NY. In order to make your relocation easier and lighter, contact us today and book our junk removal or any other service that we provide.

A woman on her phone dialing to request junk removal Rockland County NY.
Contact us today and make sure that nothing stands in the way of your quick and easy relocation.

Junk removal may not be your first but it is always your best idea

This service is not something that comes to your mind first. Yet, you will wish it had once you see how problematic junk can be. Many people make a mistake by thinking that junk removal is not essential for their relocating process. This, by all means, is a false statement.  You might need this service before and after your relocation depending on many things. Since moving represent the perfect opportunity to declutter, it also becomes the moment people realize how much they need their junk removed. When we say junk, we do not necessarily mean literal trash. We, actually, mean, any items that you realize you do not want to possess anymore. Whether they are old and useless or are just not interesting to you anymore, we can handle them for you.

Once you realize just how much stuff you want to get rid of, you will have a very hard time doing so. You will see that certain junk can be disposed of only in certain places and that you will have to waste a lot of money transferring everything. If you decide to hire our junk removal services, nothing but a phone call will be your concern. Our professionals will take care of everything for you.

Save your money, time, and energy

It might be easy to take out one bag of trash but what will you do when you are faced with furnishing that is heavy and bulky? The same applies to old appliances and perhaps an old motorbike you have had around but now it is too rusty to fix. You would have to do your research and find out where can you dispose of these things. After that, you will have to rent a very large truck and call friends or some amateurs who will do your labor for you. Instead of going through all that and paying too much next to the entire relocation budget, simply rely on us. We will have all the info you need, the transportation means, and the professionals with the appropriate equipment to handle the job.

Junk that should be removed.
Save time and money by allowing us to dispose of the clutter that is only in your way.

With one phone call and one service, you will get a full package and you do not even have to worry about where everything will go. As far as you are concerned, it is out of your way and taken care of according to the law.

We can handle all kinds of items

One of the most important traits one company has to possess is trustworthiness. That is something that is often right next to discretion. Our professionals do not go through your stuff. They will not make you feel bad or ashamed about anything that you have in your possession and want to get rid of. Our job is to discreetly handle the items you allow us to and get rid of them for you the appropriate and proper way. Whether it is office equipment or a personal item, we will surely handle it without problems. We are the New York professionals to call. 

This is just one of the many services we can provide for you

We believe that, as professionals, we are supposed to provide our clients with everything they need. Before, during, and even after their relocation is certain situations. Because we tend to do so, we have created an ideal list of moving services that can and will be of use to each and every one of our clients depending on their relocation type. Besides junk removal, you can expect the following and more options from our trusted moving company:

  1. Residential moving
  2. Commercial moving
  3. Storage services
  4. Maine to Florida moves
  5. Packing supplies are an option

As you can see, these, and other services we offer, will take care of your relocation needs if you request them.

A professional looking at a list.
Allow our professionals to help you handle your relocation. Junk removal is just one of our many moving services.

Request the easiest junk removal Rockland County NY has to offer

As you can see, junk removal services are more than helpful. Especially for people who want to make their relocation easier and cheaper the right way. It is only a smart move to opt for the junk removal Rockland County NY locals have relied numerous times on and are satisfied with every time. Our company, Slattery Moving & Storage, will make sure that you are another one of our satisfied customers and that you are not slowed down by the unnecessary items that are only in your way. Visit our website or call us today and book a date, we will take care of everything else.




“Call Slattery and they were there in a few hours to unpack and bring it in safely, efficiently, and professionally!”

Sara C.