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All of us buy a ton of stuff that we end up not knowing where to put. And sure, living in a society where you’ve got access to anything you want is pretty great. But if you start cluttering up your home, you’ll have to get rid of some of that eventually. However, don’t worry – you don’t have to throw out your favorite excess items just yet. Instead, you can just find some great Haverstraw storage for that and place your stuff there! With that in mind; if you want your home to be less cluttered, or you’re simply moving to a new house and need some temporary extra space; Slattery Moving & Storage is here to help! We will provide you with everything you need for safe storage, so just give us a call; we’ll be happy to do the rest!

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We will provide you with the very best Haverstraw storage!

Once you spend a long time in a single household; it’s perfectly plausible that you’d need extra room for your stuff. And if you’re someone who’s in need of excellently maintained Haverstraw storage; you should know that we’ll give you everything you need in that regard. 

In fact, Slattery Moving & Storage wants to make sure that there’s no storage issue you’ll face ever again! We run a moving and storage company that’s dedicated to providing you with some of the most accessible and efficient storage solutions all around Haverstraw! And with our help, there will be no more thinking about whether you’re able to keep all of your household items; you can keep any extras safe in our storage facilities until the need for them arises again! There’s no need to wait; you can start preparing your items for storage right away!

Our company can provide you with all of the different storage options that you’ll ever need!

When it comes to the various Haverstraw storage options that we offer – you will find that we leave our clients wanting for nothing! Our company offers:

  • On-site storage: if you hire us for this, you’ll receive the most common type of storage everyone encounters – but brought to absolute perfection! This entails receiving access to a pristine storage unit kept in one of our extremely high-security facilities. You can put anything you want inside, as long as it’s legal and not a potentially harmful substance; contact us for more information on what kind of items are allowed in our storage units!
  • Transit storage: On the other hand, not everyone needs storage for long-term purposes. Quite the contrary – there are plenty of situations where you’ll find that your storage requirements are quite temporary; such as moving to a new household. This is another situation where you’ll find that our services are highly useful; especially because we offer moving services as well. And if you only need Haverstraw storage for a couple of days while your relocation experts transfer the rest to your new house; we can deal with storage-in-transit as well!
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You will find that Slattery Moving & Storage can take care of all of your relocation needs!

There are plenty of different moving services that we offer

As we’ve mentioned just now; you should be aware of the fact that we are definitely more than ready to provide you with a wide variety of services pertaining to moving and storage. Sure, Haverstraw storage is one of our primary focuses; but that doesn’t mean that we can’t handle other stuff just as successfully! If you need any junk removal or some help with your relocation; our professional employees will be more than happy to do it all! Keeping that in mind – you should definitely feel free to count on our people and their expertise.

For us, it’s also important for you to realize just how much we care about each individual relocation and the needs of our consumers. Every single one of our staff members is completely dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our customer base. In the realm of moving and storage, you won’t find any kind of service that we can’t provide with ease. You deserve to have the move of your dreams – and we’re here to make that an actual reality!

We provide commercial services as well

Of course, we know that our customers aren’t just people who want to move from one house to another. There is plenty of demand for commercial storage and moving services; which is something that we’re well aware of. As a result – we are more than well-versed in this kind of service provision as well. You will find that we can take care of moving your office from beginning to the very end. No aspect of a company move will be a problem for us; regardless of the distance, or perhaps how difficult it objectively is. We can handle all of your office equipment with absolute care and efficiency!

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We will make sure that you have all of the storage space you need!

Our company realizes that commercial relocation is far different from a residential one. After all, it requires you to think about more than the needs of a single family unit; you need to ensure that this huge transition is a success from all possible aspects. On the one hand, everyone involved needs to be satisfied with the way in which you’ve handled the move. And on the other hand – you need to make sure that the company which you’re moving experiences the least possible business interruption in this period. At the end of the day – that’s something that only true professionals can successfully ensure. 

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As you can see, our company is fully capable of providing you with the all-around moving and storage service that you deserve. There’s no need to wait any further; contact us and we’ll deal with anything else you might need!




“Call Slattery and they were there in a few hours to unpack and bring it in safely, efficiently, and professionally!”

Sara C.