Moving from Orange County to Westchester County: what to expect

You take the plunge and move to another County. This new beginning can seem overwhelming – especially if you’re moving from Orange County to Westchester County. Today moving regularly is part of life and is almost expected in every resume. True, there are still people today who never move. However, the majority of the population moves to another city or another county every day and then for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a move has professional and from time to time also private reasons. Slattery Moving & Storage will tell you what to expect when moving.

Secure support in good time with a moving company

Don’t have friends or relatives who can lend a hand? Organize a professional moving company. If you hire a moving company, you can look forward to a relaxed move. Movers Westchester County will take care of the entire house move, from packing to the professional installation of your kitchen. The moving calculator will tell you immediately what costs you will have to pay. Expect to move more easily if you rely on the help of professionals. With the help of professionals, expect that a lot of things about moving will not be a burden for you.

Moving from Orange County to Westchester County
It is important to get help in time and contact a moving company.

Expect that you will fall in love with a new County

People today like to go on city trips to get to know foreign metropolises. It often happens that people fall in love with a different County. Often there are cultural and scenic differences compared to your own hometown. When one has fallen in love with another County and can imagine living there for a longer period of time, it is time to move. You should definitely expect it to happen to you that you fall in love with Westchester County after you move. And how not to fall in love when the landscape is beautiful and enchanting. You will see that in Westchester County there are a lot of interesting things and beautiful nature that you can enjoy.

What things do you need to do before moving from Orange County to Westchester County?

Not only do you have to take care of a good moving company, but you also have to take care of many organizational things. First of all, it is important that you cancel the old apartment in order to keep the rent charges as low as possible. Utility contracts you must also terminate in good time. Above all, you also have to complete other formalities. Maybe it should be an account at a local bank, so you have to open an account. Also, electricity providers, forwarding order, telephone, and Co. you must not forget. This is all connected with time. That’s why it’s very practical to have a good moving company on hand to transport furniture and boxes for you and, if you wish, even to reassemble the furniture in your new home in Westchester County.

How much does it cost to move from Orange County to Westchester County?

You always have the choice between moving on your own and with a professional moving company. In the case of a local move with only a few kilometers distance, a self-directed move is certainly a good option. However, especially in the case of moving County to County, everything should be optimally coordinated in terms of time, so that the schedule can really be adhered to. Therefore, we recommend you to give the move into the hands of professionals. How much your move from to will cost depends on several factors. These include:

  • Size of the old home
  • Amount of household goods
  • The vehicle you need while moving from Orange County to Westchester County
  • Number of movers you need
  • Distance to be moved
  • Services you require
Woman counting money while sitting at table
Moving from Orange County to Westchester County does not have to be expensive.

What should you expect on moving day?

In order to avoid chaos on moving day, local movers Orange County should be properly instructed. Here it is helpful to have a plan. The plan will show which helper needs to do what during the move. Big, strong men ensure safe transport of heavy furniture, organizational talents supervise the smooth process. In addition, a furniture placement plan with a room layout should be hung in the new home so that the movers know where to place the appropriate items. It is also helpful to carefully label the boxes in advance. This way, when moving, the helpers will be able to place the box in the appropriate room. Expect you will need a lot of moving material.  Some materials are also essential to help with the move: garbage bags, sharpie, tape, lashing straps, or a hand truck.

What to expect after moving to Westchester County

After moving, you certainly have a lot of obligations ahead of you. Not all jobs are done on the day of moving. But these jobs are the ones that are not difficult and that will definitely make you happy. The first cleaning of the house is always interesting. By cleaning the house, you get to know your new home better. Then you will decide where what will stand for you, for example, that beautiful decorative lamp where you will place it exactly. After arranging everything to your liking, you can call over new neighbors to meet them and of course friends and family to celebrate a new beginning.

Group of people making toast
Celebrate with friends and family after moving to Westchester County.

If you need help moving from Orange County to Westchester County, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Slattery Moving and Storage. Simply fill out our online form or give us a call. Our experienced relocation consultants will be happy to help you. With our help, you can only expect a pleasant move.




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