5 Reasons to opt against a DIY move

Relocation is complicated and hard to coordinate in general. Some people decide on doing everything themselves and it can be a real challenge. Instead of hiring reliable local movers NY to take care of everything, you must organize, pack, load, and unload the moving truck, and more. That is of course if you have a moving truck in the first place. So, before you embark on this journey, we will inform you about the reasons to opt against a DIY move. Maybe you’ll find it more suitable to get some help along the way, at least for some of the major moving stages. Let’s take a look.

Can you plan everything yourself?

Planning your relocation will be ten times harder if you are doing everything alone. Yes, you’ll have friends or family members help. But what about the knowledge related to the relocation process? Firstly, you must know how to inspect your home and make sure it is safe to work in. Then, you must figure out in which order to pack, how to pack, and how many packing materials you need. Also, the main issue will be the moving cost. In the beginning, you will figure out a rough estimate but it will add up along the way.

A person counting dollar bills
Appoint a proper budget to support all your moving needs.

Moreover, do you know where to rent a moving truck, and do you even know how to use one? And then there are all the rules and regulations while driving such a vehicle. As well as the way of loading a moving truck in the proper way to avoid damages or endangering the environment. And as we mentioned before, your moving budget must be a stretching one to cover all the hidden costs, unexpected situations, and the road trip. As you can see, organizing your relocation becomes a real deal when you consider all those little things that are usually covered by your moving company. It will be hard for sure unless you are a relocation expert yourself.

Do you have all the tools and equipment?

We already stated that the moving truck can be one of the reasons to opt against a DIY move. But next to the moving vehicle, there are other tools and equipment needed for your relocation project. For example, if you have big and robust furniture, then you might need a dolly or higher-quality straps. Then all the tools for disassembling furniture and other pieces in your home. Also, how to lift and load everything nicely and safely into the moving truck. Therefore, you should consider at least hiring physical labor for this part. You can pack and prepare everything but let professionals cover the heavy lifting with proper tools for the job. Especially if you have fragile and expensive pieces in your possession. Nice examples are piano, antique furniture, valuable paintings, etc.

Packing is one of the reasons to opt against a DIY move

The packing process can be a real nuisance or a ton of fun. Depending on how you do it and if you have someone to keep you company and assist. Moreover, you must know how to pack certain items, which boxes to use, and how to carry them around. So, think about purchasing packing services for this occasion. Your movers will bring all packing supplies needed and they will pack your home safely. If you want, they can unpack everything as well, and this way you’ll skip the whole boring packing process. Yes, we understand that it can be tricky letting a stranger shuffle through your stuff. But if you find a legit and honest moving company, they’ll do nothing but take care of your items with utmost care and devotion.

On the other hand, if you can’t trust anyone and you want to do this yourself, purchase the following packing materials:

  • Packing tape
  • Blister packs
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Labels
Two people shuffling through moving boxes
You will need a lot of cardboard moving boxes to cover the packing process.

Ensure you declutter and downsize a bit if possible. It will make your relocation easier and cost-efficient. There will be fewer items to pack and more time for other stuff. Also, consider using one of the storage services out there in case you have more items than you can handle. This service is especially good if you have more furniture than your new apartment can handle.

Hiring moving professionals is the way to go

We must quickly cover what a moving company brings to the table and what you’ll potentially miss on. Firstly, the moving representative would visit your home and provide onsite estimates. By evaluating the environment and your cargo, they will know what tools to use, how many people to bring, what kind of moving vehicle, etc. Also, they will remove any obstacles inside or outside your home that might cause problems and make your relocation unsafe. And finally, they will calculate the moving cost and prepare you for it. Not to mention all the hard labor, knowledge, and experience related to the moving industry. Therefore, consider this option or at least browse through the moving services available. You never know what might interest you.

Mover transporting moving box with a dolly
Movers have the tool and equipment to relocate you safely. Use the opportunity presented.

If you, in the end, decide on using movers for this occasion, we suggest checking Slattery Moving and Storage as the best local choice. This company will cover all your moving needs from top to the bottom. More importantly, they will relocate you safely and affordably. Give it a try.

The safety aspect is another among the reasons to opt against a DIY move

We forgot to mention one of the greatest reasons to opt against a DIY move, and it is your relocation safety. And we already mention that there will be a lot of hauling, loading, and transporting. All those moving stages pose a threat to everyone involved if not done right. You must know how to lift boxes and furniture to avoid hurting yourself. Also, handling your items without proper knowledge can result in heavy damages. Hence, put it all on paper and figure out how much would it cost if you break a few pieces of furniture and compare them with using moving services. So, if you have never done this before, maybe you should seek some help and keep your relocation safe.

And you must know that you can always purchase moving insurance from either your moving company or from a moving insurance company. Whatever you’re more comfortable with. It is a way to get reimbursed for damages made along the way, in case anything bad happens.

And now you know what the main reasons to opt against a DIY move are. Hopefully, you will be successful no matter what you choose. At least consider your options and remember what we said today before you begin your moving adventure. Take care and stay safe.




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