The benefits of living in Orangeburg

Sometimes in life, people start thinking about moving in order to make their lives better. A higher salary, a better health system, better infrastructure are some of the most common reasons why people decide to relocate. If you are one of those seeking a better life somewhere else, read carefully this article. We’re going to give you a detailed explanation of the benefits of living in Orangeburg. 

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Life in Orangeburg is cheaper with a lot of activities to do.

Orangeburg is a small place in the town of Orangetown, Rockland County, New York. With a population of approximately 5.000 inhabitants, it could be a place for a quiet and stress-free life. A big army base during World War II is now a quiet residential hub where you can reside. If you decide to move there, all you need to do is to call a good and reliable moving company. Moving companies New York are always there for you. With our help, you can move in no time and with no fears. We have gained great experience relocating thousands of people in recent years. Be sure we’re the right choice for you. 

Cost of living

Since it is a small place located in the suburb area of New York, prices are lower. One of the main benefits of living in Orangeburg is that it’s cheap and buying properties are very affordable. Some important info related to the cost of living is listed.

  • median household income: $64,659
  • the median price of a single-family house: $382,000
  • taxes on the median house: $8,505
  • midrange rent on a two-bedroom apartment: $1,400 a month

If this is enough to persuade you to move to Orangeburg, just contact residential movers New York. We can execute the move immediately. With all the care and dedication to our clients, we make relocations stress free experience. 

Cities connection

Orangeburg is 21 miles away from midtown Manhattan. That’s pretty close and you can reach the midtown in about an hour and a half. That’s not a big deal if we consider that it’s the duration of a rush-hour drive. And it takes 35 minutes to drive without traffic to get to the midtown. You can commute every day to your work, but at the end of the day you’ll be able to rest and chill in a quiet and peaceful place. There are many benefits of living in Orangeburg. One of them is that you have the opportunity to have both an urban and suburban lifestyle. Commutation time to the center of New York City is relatively short. It means you can work in an energetic and lively environment like Manhattan or Bronx but reside in a small and tranquil place. Orangetown has very good connections with the NYC center. Buses depart and arrive all day. If you are not a driver or love using public transport, you won’t need to worry about arriving on time in New York.  

a girls on the train
With a short commute time, you can easily reach the midtown of NYC, which is one of the benefits of living in Orangeburg

Landmarks and places of interest

What you can see and do in the place you’re planning to move to is one very important aspect. To be able to enjoy a place in your leisure time, you want to move to a place rich in cultural, historical, and other sights. Other facilities like sport centers, parks, playgrounds for children, etc. are something that makes a place better. Orangeburg has many historical sights since it was a very important place during World War II as it was a site of Camp Shanks, the largest embarkation camp at that time. Very popular historical sights are

  • Camp Shanks Museum and Monument;
  • Douglas House;
  • Clausland Cemetery;
  • Veterans Memorial Park.

Two of the tallest buildings in Rockland County are located in Orangeburg. These two buildings are Blue Hill Plaza and Rockland Psychiatric Center. Blue Hill Plaza is an office complex where you can find many different amenities such as electric car charging, bus service to/from New York City, Post Office, dry cleaning, and so on. If you are a football lover you probably know that The New York City Football Club’s training facility is located in Orangeburg. For the best moving service in the NYC area, contact movers Orangeburg NY. They are ready to meet all your needs.

Nature and climate

Despite being a small place, there are many beautiful parks where you can enjoy walking or running. One of the most loved ones is Veteran’s Memorial Park. This park is always a good place to spend your free time. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and birds’ tweet. There are baseball and golf fields, but also many tracks where you can enjoy riding a bicycle. In this park, you can get relaxed at one of two small ponds. On the other hand, in winter, these ponds are turned into ice-skating ponds. You and your family can enjoy winter fever while skating on a frozen pond and drinking hot tea to warm you up.

Orangeburg has cold winters with temperatures below zero in December, January, and February. On the other hand,  summers are not extremely hot with temperatures around 30 degrees of Celsius. On hot summer days, you can enjoy fishing on Lake Tappan. This beautiful lake is home to many fish species like bluegill, bass, perch, catfish, and carp. Lake Tappan is also home to several types of birds like the Bald Eagle, the Tufted Titmouse, Red-tailed Hawk, Mute Swan, and the Pied-Billed Grieb. Ornithologists or not, you will love strolling around listening to those beautiful birds tweeting. 

Schools in Orangeburg

One of the benefits of living in Orangeburg is the good educational system. If you’re planning to come to Orangeburg with kids, you surely wonder what schools they can attend. There are many schools for your kids ranging from elementary to high schools. The most prominent schools are Tappan Zee High School, Nyack Senior High School, Lincoln Avenue School. Tappan Zee High is ranked #1 in Best Public High Schools in Rockland County. You can be sure your kids will receive a good education and be prepared for future college.

a couple laying on the grass
You can enjoy many different relaxing activities in your free time.

Activities in Orangeburg

If you like visiting museums and historical sights, you can go and visit Camp Shanks World War II Museum. This museum was built in memory of the millions of men and women who passed through one of the biggest embarkations points in America during World War II. Also, you can visit Orangetown Historical Museum and Archives. This museum was opened in order to provide people with objects and artworks that reflect the history of the Town of Orangetown.

You can also have a wonderful time at Piermont Marsh Tidal Wetlands Area because you can do many activities there including
  • hiking,
  • picnicking,
  • fishing,
  • biking,
  • canoeing/kayaking

Piermont Marsh is home to many wildlife animals which is just one of the benefits of living in Orangeburg. There are many spots from which you can observe beautiful birds like Snapping turtles, Crabs, Herring, Bald eagles, Herons, Bitterns, Belted kingfishers, and Double-crested cormorants.  If you love off-road biking this place is ideal. You can enjoy many biking trails while enjoying the wildlife.




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