What not to wear on your moving day

The wrong outfit can sometimes ruin your regular day, so of course, you don’t want to let that happen on your moving day. The last thing that you need with the already chaotic relocation process is to feel uncomfortable or have some kind of inhibit. You want to have a completely stress-free transition and to prevent any kind of discomfort. Although Slattery Moving & Storage can help you with the stress-free part when it comes to relocation, you will have to ensure the discomfort part on your own. If you are not sure what not to wear on your moving day, here are some tips that could help you out.

What clothing items not to wear on your moving day

First of all, you want to be as relaxed as possible for your moving day. It is going to be a stressful and busy day, for sure, but you don’t need anything to spoil it further. You can always count on movers Suffern NY to be your helping hand with planning and packing for your relocation. If you are thinking – how can clothes actually be wrong for moving day – well there are plenty of faulty choices. We are here to present all of them for you so you can focus on other things with organizing your moving day.

  • Open toes footwear is one of the items you should not wear on your moving day
  • You should not wear any of the new clothes
  • Short-sleeved shirts and shorts/skirts
  • Consider not wearing any jewelry

We want to make sure that you stay safe during your relocation and these clothing items can be safety hazards.

Choice of shoes can be important part of preparing for the moving day
You will spend a lot of time on your feet on your moving day so it is important to choose comfortable footwear

Open toes shoes

The moving process includes carrying a lot of heavy and bulky boxes. Completely for safety reasons, open toes footwear is one of the items you don’t want to wear while you are moving. It is so common to hit the pinky finger on the furniture on a regular day, so you wanna try and avoid that kind of inconvenience. However, moving day requires a lot of motion, and you will probably going to spend the day on your feet so you want to choose comfortable shoes that will not cause pain. All of the local movers in Rockland county will agree with us, comfortable shoes is an important companion when it comes to the moving day.

Do not wear new clothes

The reason for this is simple – moving can be dusty and dirty, so you don’t want to wear any of the new clothes. Try and find something you will not be sorry to rip up and maybe even toss it later. If you are including packing services in your moving, make sure that they have all of your nice clothes with them, and leave you only with old ones that you can wear during your moving day.

Avoid shorts and short-sleeved skirts

As much skin there is in the open the bigger possibility is to hurt yourself. Avoid cutting and similar injuries by wearing pants or tracksuits. Clothes with pockets might be the best choice for moving days because you will feel like you always need one more hand during the process. That’s where pockets can possibly save you some time and helping you not to go back and forth the whole day.

Choosing an outfit for the moving day
Short-sleeved shirts are one of the items you should consider not to wear on your moving day

Consider not wearing jewelry

We all know how annoying can be when your jewelry gets tangled with something or hook to a doorknob. That’s why jewels are one of the items on the list of things not to wear on your moving day.  Not only you can hurt yourself, but you can damage some of your jewelry or even worst – lost it while relocating. With all the stress that comes with moving, you don’t want to cause any extra amount of discomfort.




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