Best neighborhoods for New York artists

NYC is by far the best city for budding artists to live in. However, there are some neighborhoods for New York artists that are simply better than the others. So, if you wanna hurry, take a one-way ticket to your journey of a lifetime and hire Slattery moving and Storage NY to help you in your relocation process.  Some artists living in NYC prefer lofts. Yet again, some of them prefer penthouses since they like to have their studios at home. So, if you are interested, dig in, explore and find out which neighborhood suits you best.

City lights and commercials
Times Square has been an inspiration for numerous cult movie scenes throughout the years

Let’s list some of the best neighborhoods for New York artists

Like most things in New York, creative communities are also very dynamic. They come and they go as soon as the new opportunity arises. The rising of the rents is one of the main reasons why the New York artistic community moves around a lot. So, the list is constantly updating and the list of most popular artistic neighborhoods is different every year. So, if you are not easily scared by the challenging NY lifestyle fluctuations, go online and type moving companies White Plains NY. Here is the updated list:

  • Long Island City, Queens
  • Upper East Side, Manhattan
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Chelsea, Manhattan

Long Island City in Queens is one of the most popular neighborhoods for New York Artists

Long Island City has literally become a synonym for art. Who would have thought that the manufacturing and warehousing districts could become the center of the art? Just check out the moving companies Westchester County and you will find what you are looking for. It has loads of artists’ studios and other forms of housing for artists. In addition, there are tons of art galleries. Colorful murals are the symbol of Long Island and each and every one of them is usually painted by a local resident artist.

Upper East Side, Manhattan

We can say that the Upper East Side is the classic of artsy communities in NYC. It is close to Central Park and the Guggenheim, and that is why most seasoned artists live there. There is a lot of artsy, urban vibe, but prestige is the most important thing here when mentioning Upper East Side. So, if a snobbish vibe does not turn you off, contact some of the best carriers in NYC and arrange your move today. There are specific agencies showing artists the rentals that are most appropriate for their needs.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Let’s meet her Majesty,  the land of the hipsters. This neighborhood has been cool for artists for many years. Even now, it is a mainstay in the art world. Williamsburg stayed popular due to the fact that is affordable and eccentric, yet peaceful. It is also famous for the unique feature of being a highly walkable area. A lot of art students live here. So, if you are one of them and you need to put some of your paintings away, do a bit of research about storage services that NY has to offer. Barbecues and house parties are the places where people share creative ideas and have fun, so come, visit, and maybe stay.

Brown concrete buildings
Brooklyn is one of the most affordable places in NYC for young artists

Chelsea, Manhattan

One of the most prestigious Schools of Visual Arts, CUNY, is located in Chelsea, Manhattan. It has lots of smaller apartment buildings. Living units themselves are old, but sunny, and broad. Chelsea, Manhattan, is close to14th Street Station. Overthere, we have multiple trendy restaurants and shopping spaces. This neighborhood is not so eccentric, yet it is really popular due to low rents.

All in all, the New York art community is vibrant. Moving to New York is not an easy step, but somehow all artists know that they need to do it. There is a broad spectrum of quirkiness, originality, creativity, and that art hunger. Living in New York will definitely make you more competitive and bold, even if you don’t want to.





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