Moving a fish tank – how to do it right

A decision is made. You are moving and as you already know, you must pack, plan accordingly, and hire Slattery Moving & Storage company to assist you. And as you know, there are robust and fragile items that can always make a problem when relocating. One of those items is a fish tank. And we are here today to explain how moving a fish tank should look like. Do not worry, after reading our article, you’ll be ready for this adventure. Let’s take a look.

Moving a fish tank with the right moving company by your side

Firstly, you must work on the moving logistics because the fish tank is not the only item you are moving here. Therefore, inspect the environment and make a list of all the items you want to move. Include all the furniture on your inventory list and prepare a moving budget for packing supplies and services. Maybe you’ll need packing services or to rent a storage Rockland County NY. Just browse online and you will find many moving companies offering such services.

Two guys sitting in a van
Find a reliable moving team to relocate your fragile items.

When you find the right residential movers New York, give them a call and ensure they are licensed. Also, you must confirm they have all the tools and equipment to perform this task safely and successfully. Compare movers all over the place and check their prices, services, and read a few moving reviews. Shortly, you’ll find a company that meets all the requirements.

Be careful with your fishy friends

The main focus here should be on your fishy friends. You should be extremely careful when relocating them from a tank to a transporter. For this occasion, you should use either a plastic container or baggies designed specifically for moving aquatic creatures. Also, you can use Tupperware boxes but you must sanitize them properly before placing a fish inside. But the best solution is to simply visit a local pet shop and obtain everything you need. Be sure you have the following:

  • Plastic containers.
  • Plastic bags.
  • Small fishing net.
  • Enough food for the first week at your new place.

You probably have everything already. But we made a list anyway in case you forgot or running out of it. Hence, go out, grab it and prepare for this project.

Packing and moving a fish tank – step by step

Ok, let’s pack your fish tank. The first step is to safely remove your pets from the tank. As we mentioned earlier, you will use all the appropriate gear for this task. Use the same water from the aquarium for the baggies and containers. Then, this is a unique moment to clean your fish tank inside out. You can do this before the move or after. Your choice entirely. Whatever you choose, make sure you prepare new water for your pets. Boil a batch and let it sit overnight.

be gentle when moving a fish tank
Be careful and delicate with your fishy friends.

Then pour it all into bottles and carry it over. And next step is to remove all miscellaneous items and toys from the aquarium along with the gravel or sand. Depending on what you have as the base. Find an appropriate container for that as well and you are good to go. The final step is to dry it out and fill it with blankets and a cushion. Wrap it in bubble wrap from all sides to give it more strength to endure the journey ahead. Finally, depending on the size of your fish tank, you might need to purchase moving services New York and let your movers do it instead. But if it is a small one, you can carry it yourself.

Now let’s move it without a single damage

Packing a fish tank is one thing but moving a fish tank is something different. As we said earlier, it all depends on the size and shape of your aquarium. If you have a small one you can carry it yourself but you can always ask one mover or a friend to hold the other side and do it together. On the other hand, if it is a big one, maybe you should let your movers complete this task themselves. There are huge fish tanks that require 4-6 people to carry out. Not to mention that you must load it into the moving truck without a single bump. This task must be executed flawlessly. Therefore, we recommend you let your movers do it.

Consider purchasing moving insurance

Now, moving a fish tank and any other similar fragile object is highly risky. Even if you prepare like a pro and you think you covered it all, there is always a chance for a moving mishap. Hence, you should purchase moving insurance and cover yourself this way. Some fish tanks cost a fortune, especially custom-made ones. Therefore, ask your mover for the moving insurance and if you are not satisfied with the one they offer, seek proper insurance from the insurance company. It is a small investment but at least you’ll be compensated entirely.

A woman creating a budget
Calculate your budget and realize if you can afford proper moving insurance.

It is time to hit the road

Hopefully, you covered all other aspects of this moving endeavor and you are ready to move. Consult with your movers about what would be the best place inside the moving truck to place such a fragile object. Let them explain how they do it and reassure you it will be safe while in transport. And you should do this before even attempting to lift your tank and move it anywhere. Make a plan and execute it on the spot. Ensure your hallways are clear of obstacles and doors wide open so you can move through easily. The goal is to lift it up and slowly bring it straight to the moving truck. But do not worry, your movers will help you and you will do this perfectly.

Moving a fish tank is not so complicated but it has a lot of steps you must cover before you even load it into the moving truck. Now you know how to cover each one and relocate your fish tank safely. Rely on your moving company and hopefully, your aquarium will reach the other side in one piece. Good luck and have a safe journey.




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