Moving and storing your items in Suffern NY

Moving I a serious business. It is a stressful process where you must pack your home and the entire family and relocate to a different neighborhood. In some cases to a different state or entirely different continent. Now, as you know, you must make a relocation plan, pack, enlist Slattery Moving & Storage company, and find a proper storage unit. The last one is optional but, in most cases, people use this service as a lucrative way to get more space in their new home and finally get rid of old items. So, today we will explain how storing your items in Suffern NY can be beneficial. Let’s take a look.

Figure out the best way to relocate before storing your items in Suffern NY

The very first step is to figure out your moving plan. The best way to do it is to inspect your entire home and figure out how complex your move is. Shuffle through all your belongings and check all the furniture. Inspect each room inside your home including the garage, attic, basement, and backyard. Once you cover your entire place, you will realize how many items you must pack. Also, how much money you must invest in packing materials. Moreover, you should check if there are any obstacles that might hinder your progress because you want a safe moving environment.

Two people looking at the laptop
Create a detailed moving plan and list all the requirements on your moving checklist.

Now, when you gather all the information needed, you can contact your residential movers New York and let them help you out assemble the best moving plan. And because you thoroughly inspected and prepared everything, you will make this job much easier. Your movers will create the safest, cheapest, and most efficient moving plan.

Find an amazing moving team

How you search for your movers matters as well. Obviously, in this day and age and with all the technology available, you will search on the internet. And when you begin your search you will find thousands of moving companies offering all kinds of services. The first piece of advice we can give is not to pick the first one you find nor the cheapest one. Secondly, you should compare movers across the board and find the best combination. Check out their services, prices, and read a few moving reviews. Eventually, you’ll find a match and when you are ready, you can give them a call and proceed with your moving arrangements. Pay close attention to the moving services New York movers provide. Some services are amazing while others are unnecessary for your moving situation. So, check all your requirements and needs before you agree on any moving service.


Inspect your movers and confirm they are the right choice

Ok, how to know that your moving company is a legit one? Simply by inspecting them inside out. Yes, it sounds simple but actually, it is because there are only a few things you must do while browsing online. Firstly, ensure your movers possess the following:

  • Licenses and permits
  • Moving insurance
  • Equipment and tools
  • Enough experience

    Moving companies will help you with storing your items in Suffern NY
    Hire a reputable moving team to relocate you safely and affordably.

The next step is to check if they have an official website along with a company logo, contact number, and a physical address. Also, you can check FMCSA, US Moving Association, or the Better Business Bureau, and ensure your movers are registered online. After you complete your detective work, you will know you are hiring a legit and honest moving crew. Sleep tight.

Prepare your items for storage

Now when you have prepared your items and found your moving company, you should check their storage Suffern NY service. Movers offer many choices when it comes to storing solutions. You can choose from the outdoor ones or a storage unit inside a bigger and more secured facility. The choice is entirely yours depending on the nature of the items you are storing. And depending on your budget as well. You can use your storage unit as a long or short-term solution and choose the size the most suitable to you. There are climate-controlled storage units, 24/7 surveillance systems, guards on-site, and reinforced steel doors. As long as you are ready to pay the price.

Now, packing for storage is an entirely different thing. No matter how secured your unit is if you pack wrongly your items will deteriorate and get ruined by the time you visit your unit again. Unless you are visiting daily. So, let us quickly prepare you for storing your items in Suffern NY.

Packing with the right supplies

Storing your items in Suffern NY must be done correctly. After you inspect all your items, you must set aside all those that are going straight to the storage unit. Make a list of moving supplies and obtain everything at the nearest home depot or hardware store. You can also purchase everything online or let your movers bring them over. Whatever is easier for you. And as for any relocating, you will need the same packing supplies for storing. Those are carton boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and labels. With the addition of a sheet or blankets to cover the whole batch and protect it from dust.

Several packing supplies inside a cardboard box
Your items will sit inside a storage unit for a while. Ensure they are protected adequately.

And remember, the climate-controlled storage unit we mentioned earlier is the right choice, simply because it will protect all your items from environmental influence, pests, and rodents. Unless you bring food inside which can create quite a mess. Besides, food, hazardous materials, and animals are prohibited in all storage facilities. Keep that in mind.

Prepare for storing your items in Suffern NY

OK, now when you have all your packing materials delivered, you should start packing gradually. Place bubble wrap or blankets at the bottom of each box to make a cushiony environment. Then wrap all your items individually in bubble wrap or packing paper and fill the box. Close it tight and ensure you apply enough tape to hold it all together. Finally, place a label on each box so you can find your items easily once you need them

Ok, no you know how to prepare for moving and storing your items in Suffern NY. Remember to keep your storage unit clean as much as possible. Yes, they have a maintenance crew but they won’t clean inside your unit. Therefore, each time you visit, let the fresh air in, and remember to place a few scented baggies and air moisturizer inside to keep the place fresh. Good luck and have fun.




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